WWE RAW Rewind: Slam This!

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IDecember 8, 2008

Tonight's epic three hour broadcast resurrected an old school favorite: The WWE Slammy Awards. Despite several awards being handed out earlier in the day via www.wwe.com, we were still able to see some of the ones that left the crowd in shock, awe & disbelief. But before I unveil tonight's big winners, we have to focus first on who got some much needed momentum heading into this Sunday's Armageddon.

Because TNA choked big time last night, and it's up to WWE to give pro wrestling a good ending.

Former World Champions Collide At Armageddon

The night wasn't just about world titles and settling old scores. It was about who would be next to face William Regal for the Intercontinental Championship. With that, the final four was set last week, and tonight was the chance for four men to advance to the finals.

So even after celebrating a victory he didn't have yet, John Morrison fell short of his goal as in a back and forth battle between former ECW Champions, CM Punk managed to nail the GTS to score the pinfall and advance to the finals of the tournament. So one half of the tag champs advanced to Armageddon...but would it be an all-Kings of Punk final?

Unfortunately, it won't be this year. Despite a high flying contest, Kofi Kingston missed the springboard off the top. Rey Mysterio, still suffering from the injury he sustained last week, rolled Kingston up and scored the huge victory. With that, it will be CM Punk and Rey Mysterio at Armageddon with the winner earning a shot at William Regal and the Intercontinental Championship.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery...I Think

Tonight, it was like looking in a mirror. From the old glory days of the Hart Foundation to right now, it has been proven that if you can make it look good, then make it so.

So tonight, two superstars decided to imitate some of the down in the dump superstars in an effort to win their approval. First it was Hornswoggle who came out with a patented unibrow (ala Santino) for his tag match against Glamarella. Despite being a lot shorter than his partner/father and their opponents, Hornswoggle managed to do enough to get an upset victory over Santino.

Speaking of imitation and trash talking moments, MVP (who has been on a rather extended losing streak as of late) decided that he would trash talk Phillies Slugger Jimmy Rollins before his match against an unknown opponent. But when his music hit for a second time, even Porter was confused and looked like he had seen himself in a mirror.

The reality: Charlie Haas as MVC: Most Valuable Charlie. But the funny part wasn't just the fact that Haas played a better MVP than...well, MVP. It was the fact that Haas dodged the 305 and rolled MVP up to pick the win and flaunt his "ballin'" style in every way possible.

Armageddon Comes Early For The Egotistical Nine

In all the fun and funny of tonight's broadcast, business still needed to be dealt with. As we found out, six men would have a chance to be named the 2008 Superstar of the Year. In the process, all six men had huge matches coming up this Sunday at Armageddon.

So who got the advantage? The one you didn't see coming.

To start off, Chris Jericho got some much needed momentum heading into the World Championship Match against John Cena. Despite some serious aerial manuevers, Jeff Hardy gets the Twist of Fate blocked and is dropped with the Codebreaker. As he leaves the ring, Jericho is looking all over for his Armageddon opponent. Why?

Earlier in the night, John Cena decided to poke fun at Jericho's story from last week. Instead of a child, Cena brought his dog into the mix, claiming that his dog pukes everytime he sees Jericho. He then went on to vow that he would get even with Jericho for last week's attack!

But before revenge could be his, it was Randy Orton's. Orton, who was pissed about be shafted out of the Superstar of the Year Award (and with good reason), managed to con Stephanie McMahon into making the Triple H-Batista match into a 3-on-2 handicap match featuring The Game, The Animal & Orton's newest faction known as The Legacy.

By the end, Orton proves that there is strength in numbers as thanks to a sneak attack from Rhodes, he delivers a devastating RKO to Batista to get the win over his former Evolution members.

But in the end of the night, Triple H, John Cena and Jeff Hardy all got a measure of revenge. After countless counters in his champion vs. champion match, Cena was able to block the Spear and drop Edge with the STFU. But before the WWE Champion could tap out, Jericho returned to the ring to get another advantage over Cena.

As the two men duked it out into the crowd, Triple H sprinted down to get a piece of The Rated R Superstar, but Jeff Hardy wasn't too far behind as he came in and got a piece of Edge as well. After dropping the WWE Champion with a flying dropkick, SD's two #1 Contenders were left staring each other down as RAW went off the air.

And Now...The 2008 Slammy Award Winners:

2008 Best Tag Team: The Dirt Sheet (Presented by Maria & Festus)

2008 Best Finisher: Evan Bourne's Airbourne (Presented by Cryme Tyme & Candice Michelle)

2008 Most Extreme Moment: Jeff Hardy's Swanton 15 Feet In The Air Onto Randy Orton (Presented by Tiffany & Matt Hardy)

2008 Couple of the Year: Edge & Vickie (Presented by Kane and Kelly Kelly)

2008 Diva of the Year: Beth Phoenix (Presented by Melina & Teddy Long)

2008 OMG! Moment of the Year: CM Punk Cashes In MITB (Presented by Joey Styles & Alicia Fox)

2008 Match of the Year: HBK vs. Ric Flair at Wrestlemania XXIV (Presented by Eve Torres & Kennedy! Accepted by JBL)

2008 DAMN! Moment of the Year: Khali Kiss Cam (Presented by Mickie James & Ron Simmons)

2008 Slammy Musical Award: R-Truth

2008 Newcomer of the Year: Vladimir Kozlov

2008 Announce Team of the Year: Matt Stryker & Josh Grisham (ECW)

2008 Superstar of the Year: Chris Jericho (Presented by RAW Boss Stephanie McMahon)


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