2012 NFL Mock Draft: Who Are This Year's Biggest Difference Makers?

Jon BanksContributor IIOctober 23, 2011

STANFORD, CA - OCTOBER 22:  Andrew Luck #12 of the Stanford Cardinal rolls out to pass against the Washington Huskies at Stanford Stadium on October 22, 2011 in Stanford, California.  (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Depending on your definition of difference maker, there are a few in this draft. The easiest one to mention is Andrew Luck. Considering he will likely go to a team like the Dolphins who are a good QB away from being a decent team, his appearance could be a huge difference to that team.

However, there are other difference makers at other positions. Like Matt Kalil at left tackle. Do you know what he could do for a team like the Colts? Picking him makes the Colts offensive line infinitely better in an instance. They will have invested 2 first round picks, and a second round pick in their line, leading to a young, talented line to help Manning in his Twilight years and gives whoever the future QB is two bookend tackles.

There's also Justin Blackmon. Could you imagine a world where Sam Bradford has Justin Blackmon? The NFC West would be theirs for a while. Blackmon is a freak of a receiver, and with the passing ability of Bradford, that passing attack could go from abysmal to good with just one addition.

Also, there's Trent Richardson. He has been a beast doing the same thing his predecessor, Mark Ingram, did. Power running, running over everyone on the field, and just plain beasting. Running backs are usually players that succeed in their rookie years since the progression from college is somewhat minimal. If he goes to a team in need of a good running back, like say Denver, he could really shake up that running game and be a good crutch for a developing QB (cough cough Tim Tebow).

Team Draft # Selection
Dolphins 1 Luck
Colts 2 Kalil
Rams 3 Blackmon
Cardinals 4 Martin
Jaguars 5 Jeffery
Vikings 6 Floyd
Browns 7 Jones
Seahawks 8 Barkley
Broncos 9 Richardson
Chiefs 10 Coples
Redskins 11 Griffin III
Panthers 12 Claiborne
Titans 13 Thompson
Bengals 14 Burfict
Browns 15 Kuechly
Bears 16 Reiff
Jets 17 Upshaw
Eagles 18 Kirkpatrick
Bucs 19 Dennard
Bengals 20 Jenkins,CB
Texans 21 Ta'amu
Cowboys 22 Glenn
Giants 23 Brown
Steelers 24 Te'o
Chargers 25 Floyd
Lions 26 Brewster
Bills 27 Jenkins,DE/OLB
49ers 28 DeCastro
Ravens 29 Irvin
Patriots 30 Worthy
Patriots 31 Lewis
Packers 32 Winn