Oscar De La Hoya Gets the Julio Cesar Chavez Treatment

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

Oscar De La Hoya got outclassed by Manny Pacquiao, a fitting end to a career for an overrated, pompous and arrogant boxer in the twilight of his average career. He was outclassed, which always seemed to happen in his biggest fights.

I remember the way De La Hoya acted in 1998 when he defeated the great Julio Cesar Chavez in their second fight. Chavez was a statesman and a legend, a boxing icon who got pummeled into submission by Oscar and it never should have gotten to that. 

He showed no respect and pranced around in a fashion that only Sugar Ray Leonard was allowed to do!

A lot of boxing fans and experts adorned the "Golden Boy" as one of the greatest boxers of his era and possibly all time. His record says otherwise.

Trinidad - Loss
Mosley - Loss
Mosley II - Loss
Hopkins - Loss
Mayweather Jr. - Loss
Pacquiao - Loss

Just kind of funny, you know? Anyone with guts or who wasn't completely over-the-hill basically played Oscar for the wet noodle he truly was. Can we agree his biggest victory ever was over a 66-year old Pernell Whitaker? 

Oscar was more of a constant annoying itch than a solid representative of boxing, and when it was truly a big fight against a game competitor, he laid down.

And in fitting fashion, just like the way he disrespected Julio Cesar Chavez, Oscar went out with a whimper against a fighter who was clearly out to prove that De La Hoya was an over-the-hill, never was, also ran former champion.