WWE Vengeance 2011 Results: 20 Things We Learned

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 24, 2011

WWE Vengeance 2011 Results: 20 Things We Learned

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    Vengeance is now in the books.

    The PPV gave us some big matches, but it did not give us much payoff.

    With the theme of vengeance in the air, who really found their vengeance?

    Did that theme really affect the PPV?

    Well, there were certainly opportunities for it to affect proceedings.

    In the end, the PPV was a lead-in to the Survivor Series, but it still taught some interesting things about WWE and its roster.

    Here are 20 lessons learned from the proceedings.

1. WWE Believes in Air Boom

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    The tag team division is officially looking up.

    Air Boom has continued to give us some great matches that really showcased the tag team aspect of the proceedings.

    With their win on Sunday, it is obvious that Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne are here to stay.

    In fact, they have solidly beaten almost every tag team on the roster. The Miz and R-Truth may not even go after them.

    Who will face these two next?

    It probably doesn't matter, since Air Boom isn't losing anytime soon.

2. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger Is Not a Championship Caliber Tag Team

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    If WWE believed in this team, they would have given them the titles at Vengeance.

    Now, it is obvious that Swagger and Ziggler will not be holding tag gold anytime soon.

    This is not a knock against their talent, though they do have a serious problem of not seeming to be equals—Jack Swagger lately has been looking like a weak link for this team as he simply does not do much.

    Sunday, his presence was almost boring; he even seems to be turning into Dolph Ziggler's lackey.

    Just not a good situation for the group, but we'll see if it develops positively or negatively.

3. Dolph Ziggler Is Ready for the Big Time

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    Ziggler worked harder than the majority of the card last night as he wrestled two matches and still retained his U.S. Championship.

    He now has held the title for over four months, a rare reign in the WWE today.

    With his work last night and his booking, it is obvious that Ziggler is on the rise.

    Dolph Ziggler may have gained the most out of last night of any star.

4. Zack Ryder and WWE Not on the Same Page Yet

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    Zack Ryder finally got on a PPV.

    Though even with a serious advantage (a heelish advantage), he still could not get the job done as Dolph Ziggler pulled things out with a nice superkick, which could be a good new finisher for him if he continues to use it.

    Ryder still got a PPV match, so it is a positive move forward, but that is not saying WWE believes in him yet. Until he is given that U.S. title, I will not believe that WWE wants to push him.

    Perhaps this has all been set up for Mason Ryan to take the title.

    That would be a shame, especially for Ryder.

5. Eve Is Not Simply Secondary to Kelly Kelly

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    Eve Torres has a new theme song (well, at least a remix) and had a decent match with Beth Phoenix.

    She had some minor problems, especially with some sloppy transitioning, but it is actually an improvement over Kelly Kelly.

    No offense meant to Kelly Kelly, but she simply is not very exciting or innovative with her wrestling ability.

    Eve pulled off some cool moves with a unique submission move and some nice high flying.

    As long as she keeps the screaming to a minimum, I would certainly not mind her challenging for the title a few more times.

6. Beth Phoenix Is a Long-Term Champion

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    Beth Phoenix is not going down without a fight.

    She has beaten both of the "Barbie dolls," and she is still champion.

    The only person who still may have a chance to beat Beth is actually her own partner, Natalya.

    It is coming. Just a month or two from now, that will be our Divas match—match that will be great from start to finish.

    How awesome would that be?

7. Sheamus Has It

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    Sheamus wins again, and that proves that he is solidly done with Christian. Who is there left to fight now?

    The only real answer is Mark Henry.

    It is obvious that Sheamus has proven his mettle in the ring. The next time he gains a World Title, he will finally have the confidence of the WWE Universe.

    If he takes the gold from Mark Henry, it will be a huge moment—but he's earned it.

8. Christian Will Not Be a Champion AnytIme Soon

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    Christian was at the other end of his match against Sheamus, and has been on a downward spiral lately.

    This was almost the final straw.

    I cannot see how Christian can fight for the WHC anytime soon after this loss. If he cannot beat Orton or Sheamus, he will not be winning on SmackDown in the near future.

    It is a shame, but hopefully he will get one final run for the title before retiring sometime down the road.

9. Kevin Nash Is Here to Stay, at Least Until Survivor Series

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    He's back.


    After Kevin Nash interrupted the Night of Champions proceedings, it sounded as if Nash was too fragile to continue with the company.

    It would seem that WWE has approved his presence going forward.

    The only way that Nash's attack on HHH will actually have some payoff is if he wrestles at Survivor Series, so don't be surprised if Nash starts appearing more frequently in the coming weeks.

    He will be here until at least the next PPV.

10. Cody Rhodes Not Quite Moving Up the Ranks Yet

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    Cody Rhodes had a good bout at Vengeance, though it was not nearly as good as it should have been.

    Rhodes vs. Orton felt fairly similar to their his previous TV encounters, which did not help matters. In the end, it showed that WWE is not going to give Rhodes the reins just yet.

    Randy Orton lost his last two PPV matches, so WWE couldn't let him make it three in a row.

    This match did not really end controversially. It simply seemed to signal that Orton is the bigger star, and he will stay as such.

11. Randy Orton Still in Position to Lead SmackDown

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    Randy Orton won.


    Because Randy Orton is not quite falling by the wayside yet.

    He still has a beef with Mark Henry and may have just ended his feud with Rhodes before it really got off the ground.

    Sheamus may be on his way to the top, but Orton will not be stepping aside easily.

12. Mark Henry and Big Show Can Give Us an Entertaining Match

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    I know some people were disappointed by the match. In fact, some immediately wrote it off and never gave it a chance even as they watched it.

    However, I saw possibly the most entertaining super-heavyweight match I have ever seen.

    These guys barely seemed to slow down, and they threw their best moves at one another. There is no way these men could have given us much more in a regular singles contest.

    Also, we got the Lesnar/Show II spot at the end, which,regardless of being a rehash, was still cool.

    The only disappointment was that it took over five minutes to cart them out of the ring.

    That was much slower and monotonous than anything in the match itself.

13. John Cena Is Done with the WWE Title (for Now)

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    Alberto Del Rio and John Cena gave us the best match of the night.

    I don't see how anyone can really dispute that, since it was as hard-hitting, aggressive and brutal as you can get without cutting people open.

    It was the only technical contest that felt important.

    Now that it is over, the title picture can finally change and give us something unique in WWE: WWE Title matches without John Cena.

    He is not leaving the main event picture, especially with the Rock as his main opposition over the next few months, but he will allow others to wrestle for WWE's biggest prize.

14. Awesome Truth Is on the Rise Once Again

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    The Miz and R-Truth made a statement at Vengeance—they are ready for the main event scene.

    This is the biggest team in WWE right now, and they seem to have no interest in the tag titles even though they now have a tag team finisher called Little Jimmy's Finale (comments about this name encouraged below).

    Look at what they did at Vengeance: They pinned CM Punk and destroyed John Cena; those are the two biggest faces on Raw that were taken out.

    Not many heels have done that much damage in one night.

15. Alberto Del Rio Can Beat Cena (with a Little Help)

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    Speaking of taking out Cena, we still have the same WWE Champion, as Del Rio beat Cena.

    Sure, he got help at the end, but honestly all he did was finish the work Del Rio started.

    Both Cena and Del Rio fought tooth and nail for the title, and I was glad to see Del Rio stay champion.

    Perhaps he is now getting ready for a long term title reign, though now he will have to deal with new competition.

    Speaking of...

16. CM Punk Has Gold in His Future

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    CM Punk did not come out of this night looking great on paper.

    He was beaten and pinned by The Miz and R-Truth. He failed to get any sort of retribution. However, Punk won the moment Del Rio won.

    With Cena being forced out of the title picture now, Punk is coming to take the title and get his first real good guy title reign.

    It isn't a question of if anymore— it is a simply question of when.

17. The Commentary Teams Need a Re-Boot

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    Last night was possibly the worst night in commentary history.

    I honestly believe that.

    As if Booker T. wasn't bad enough usually, he was in horrible form on this PPV. He managed to call maybe one move correctly by calling R-Truth's former Lie Detector a corkscrew elbow.

    Some of his absolute flops included calling the Sheamus chest punches the Irish Hand Grenade and basically copying every word Cole said.

    But it was okay, right? Because Lawler was there.


    Lawler was horrible too as he played the role of blind face to perfection. He completely disregarded most of the in-ring action and devoted his time to slamming every heel on the roster.

    Apparently, Ziggler getting a bit of help doesn't make him deserve to retain his title after coming into the match tired and injured. Also, apparently Mark Henry has Fee Fie Phobia.

    The worst part was this all made Michael Cole the most logical man at ringside. He was bashed repeatedly by the inept good guy side of the commentary team. He also needed to lay off the JR jokes, since they were unwarranted and reminded me more of what could have been.

    The entire commentary booth needs a change now, or I will join the legion who mute all WWE commentary.

18. The WWE Title Still Matters

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    No matter what happened on the night, the best match was for the WWE Title, the main event of the PPV.

    I was sure with the story going in being Awesome Truth vs. CM Punk and Triple H that the WWE Title would again play second fiddle.

    Instead, the title was allowed to be the main event, which could be a rare occurrence for the next few months, with The Rock coming to WWE and John Cena out of the title picture.

    However, we will have to wait and see.

19. WWE Can Disappoint Even with Minimal Expectations

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    This was one of the weakest PPVs of the year.

    It wasn't Capitol Punishment or Over The Limit, but it was weak. It left almost no impression upon me in the long run.

    I was sure that with the PPV being almost unhyped going in, that it would be surprisingly just as good as Hell in a Cell was.

    Instead, almost every match felt like a TV match.

    The only matches that were big enough to earn the mantle of being PPV matches were John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry vs. Big Show, with R-Truth and The Miz vs. CM Punk and Triple H also being "good enough," though disappointing.

    Overall, Survivor Series can only get better from here.

20. A Storm Is Brewing

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    No matter what happened at the PPV, we are watching the pieces fall into place.

    Kevin Nash is back again, and he almost destroyed HHH. John Laurinaitis obviously knows more than he lets on.

    The Miz and R-Truth attacked John Cena for unknown reasons. The Rock is coming, and we have no idea how he feels about all of this.

    I will be watching Raw for the next  few weeks to see how this all shapes up.

    Thanks for reading!