15 WAGs We'd Love to See Star in a “Real Housewives of MLB” Reality Show

Jim MancariCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2011

15 WAGs We'd Love to See Star in a “Real Housewives of MLB” Reality Show

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    Minka Kelly was all set to be a mainstay in the MLB WAGs club this summer.

    However, in late August, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and Kelly broke up, which eliminated her from the club.

    Though the breakup was on friendly terms, it could have caused serious drama in either party brought more media attention than there already was.

    If so, it could have made for some great reality television.

    Here are 15 WAGs that would be great to see in a Real Housewives of MLB reality show.

15. Marikym Hervieux

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    Russell Martin’s girlfriend Marikym Hervieux is very attractive.

    She’d be someone that we would love seeing on a reality show all the time.

14. Stephenie LaGrossa

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    Kyle Kendrick’s wife Stephenie LaGrossa has already been on three seasons of Survivor.

    She’s a perfect fit for reality television and would be a fixture on the MLB WAG’s show.

13. Lindsay Clubine

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    Deal or No Deal model has been married to Clay Buchholz since late 2009.

    Maybe she knows a little something about what went on in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse this season?

12. Jennifer Lopez

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    This may not be the Jennifer Lopez you are thinking about. This Jennifer Lopez is married to journeyman infielder Felipe Lopez.

    Felipe Lopez has played on eight different teams in 11 seasons—including different stints with two teams.

    I wonder what that has been like on his wife, constantly having to pack up and move.

11. Heidi DeRosa

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    Mark DeRosa has been injury-plagued the past few seasons, but hopefully his wife has helped nurse him back.

    Heidi DeRosa is a former model and a true mainstay in the MLB WAGs club, thus making her a good find for the reality show.

10. Heidi Hamels

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    Cole Hamels’ wife Heidi has been on Survivor and has been in Playboy.

    She definitely qualifies for inclusion on MLB show.

9. Jamie Kotsay

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    Mark Kotsay’s wife Jamie is sporty and hot. What’s not to like?

    She would add a great dynamic to the show.

8. Emily Greinke

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    If you haven’t done so already, check out Zack Greinke’s wife Emily’s string of tweets from the NLCS.

    She was upset with the seats that the St. Louis Cardinals gave to the Milwaukee Brewers' WAGs, somewhere in the outfield.

    This is exactly what the MLB reality show needs.

7. Laura Posada

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    Not only is Laura Posada extremely gorgeous, she also is an attorney and certified personal trainer.

    She’s the exact type of woman that most of us would love to bring home to our families.

    There was be some drama this offseason about what the New York Yankees plan on doing with long-time catcher/DH Jorge Posada, so having Laura around would provide great insight.

6. Lisa Dergan

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    Lisa Dergan Podsednik is also a must-have on this reality show.

    Though Scott Podsednik’s career has taken a downward spring since his rookie year in 2003, he is a lucky guy to have Lisa for a wife.

5. Michelle Damon

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    Johnny Damon’s wife Michelle has had two kids and still looks fantastic.

    She truly deserves a spot on this show.

4. Diana Roberts

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    Brian Roberts’ wife Diana seems like the ideal housewife.

    Since the show would be called Real Housewives of MLB, it would at least need to have that one true housewife.

3. Stephanie McGwire

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    Mark McGwire’s link with performance enhancing drugs would also be something to feature on this show, and that’s where Stephanie McGwire comes in.

    She could possibly provide stories behind her husband’s steroid use, which would make for some great reality television.

    This could definitely spark some controversy.

2. Jennie Finch

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    Jennie Finch is a USA Softball star, while her husband Casey Daigle has struggled to remain in the Major Leagues.

    Of course, Finch is a great athlete, but this backstory would be great to feature on the show.

1. Anna Benson

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    Sexy, loud and controversial. That is Anna Benson in a nutshell.

    She would likely be the first wife contacted if this reality show was to happen.

    Retired pitcher Kris Benson was a pretty laid-back guy, but Anna was always front and center.

    Scores of baseball fans would tune in each week to watch her antics.