Billieve Bills Fans: We Need to Pray to the Football Gods!

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

Yes, Buffalo Bills fans out there, the Bills still do have a chance to make the playoffs.  Hooray!

Before you get your hopes up, the scenario that the Bills would need to happen is highly unlikely, as there is a better chance of a meteorite striking Ralph Wilson Stadium. 

Actually, that might even be more likely to happen.

First off, the Bills can not catch the Ravens or the Cots for the wild card due to tie breakers (if I explained all the scenarios to you right now, you would want to rip your eyes out, kind of like watching the Bills score six points in two games.  Trust me, just take my word for it.) So, their only chance to make the playoffs is to win the division. 

Well, how can they still do that?

If the Bills somehow win out and finish the season 9-7, the New England Patriots lose out and finish 8-8, and both the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets each lose their next two games and tie against each other in Week 17 to each finish 8-7-1, Buffalo would win the AFC East and qualify for the postseason.

So, let's go Bills fans!  Pray to the almighty football gods to let this impossible situation happen.  They hate us as it is so let's bother them with this unreasonable request.

At least we have the UB Bulls, right?