Mike Groh Fired at Virginia

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IDecember 8, 2008

Following an end of the season review, some shakeups are coming to the coaching staff at the University of Virginia.

Offensive coordinator Mike Groh has been relieved of his duties and will no longer be with the team.

In addition, assistant head coach and defensive backs coach Steve Bernstein and defensive line coach Levern Belin also stepped down from their positions.

Head football coach Al Groh will remain for his ninth season.

In a brief press conference earlier today, Al Groh expressed that the firing of these three assistants was by no means an attempt to place blame for the Cavaliers' dismal performance this past season on the field. The firings were simply the result of his annual review.

While firing Mike Groh is definitely a step in the right direction, the offense has sputtered since he took over three seasons ago. It is not the answer to the bigger question: How do you fix the Virginia Cavaliers?

The current Al Groh administration at the University of Virginia has done nothing to advance the current state of football being played at that institution. If anything, Al Groh has set the school back so that they are in worse shape now than they were nine years ago when he first arrived.

Shaking up the coaching staff was a decent step in the right direction. But until Al Groh is removed from his duties as head coach, the Virginia Cavaliers will continue to struggle.