Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll: We Have Reached the End

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IDecember 8, 2008

With the conclusion of the past weekend, the NCAA Football regular season has come to an end. What a ride it has been! Seemingly every week we got to witness the game of the century, and with the upcoming bowl schedule, you can believe we are going to watch some amazing football throughout the winter.

Now let’s take a look at the final regular season Walker-Sports college football poll.


1) Oklahoma

Once again the Oklahoma Sooners looked nothing short of phenomenal on a Saturday night. To think they actually got off to a slow start in the first quarter and lost their starting running back on the opening kickoff. Despite all that, Oklahoma rolled over Missouri for the Big 12 Championship. Right now there is no better offense in the country.


2) Florida

Tim Tebow looked amazing Saturday night in the SEC Championship. When his team was down and the game was in doubt in the second half, Tebow stepped up and put the Florida Gators on his back and drove them right down the field.

Honestly, there may not be a better leader in college football. His fire and drive are the heartbeat of the Florida Gators, and they will give Oklahoma all they can handle in the National Title game.


3) Texas

Once again, I apologize to Longhorn fans. Texas was screwed, the BCS sucks, blah blah blah. It’s all true. Now that we got that out of the way, the good news for Texas is they will still get to play in the Fiesta Bowl. In addition, Colt McCoy announced he would return for his senior season, which means they will have a shot at glory next year.

Finally, at least Texas didn’t have the same fate at Texas Tech, a team that beat Texas and is now out of a BCS game.


4) Alabama

Nick Saban almost put together the dream season, but he fell just a few minutes short in Atlanta on Saturday night. Despite that, Alabama has one of the best defenses I have ever seen. Their Sugar Bowl contest won’t even be close against Utah.


5) USC

The Trojans continue to put up the most unimpressive impressive wins I have ever seen. On offense, this is not your typical USC team. I just have not been impressed with them. However, USC does have the best defense in college football today (sorry Bama).

The USC defense will punish Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Looks like Pete Carroll will have another Rose Bowl trophy to celebrate in a few short weeks.


6) Utah

The Utes put together a great undefeated season. As a thank you for all their efforts, they get to take on Alabama in what will be essentially a home game for them in the Sugar Bowl. Personally, I think they should be playing Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl, but I obviously have no control over the BCS.


7) Boise State

Sucks to be Boise this season. Playing in the WAC is killing this team. Their only signature win came against Oregon early in the early part of the season. As a result, Boise State has nothing to hang their hat on, and they will play in a non-BCS game despite having a good season.


8) Penn State

One last time for Joe Pa. Penn State will find itself in the Rose Bowl for the first time in a while. It will be good to see two traditional powers match up in a traditional setting. Too bad the game will not be as exciting.


9) Texas Tech

If anyone really wants to complain about the BCS, it should be the Texas Tech Red Raiders. They went 11-1 and have a head to head win over Texas, and as a thank you, they are excluded from the BCS games. It’s a shame what happened to Texas Tech.


10) Ohio State

A two-loss season, and both losses came against the only two good teams Ohio State played all year. It is BS that Ohio State made its way to the Fiesta Bowl.

11) Cincinnati Bearcats

Congratulations to the Cincinnati Bearcats for winning the Big East and getting into a BCS Bowl game they can win. Cincinnati will travel to their first major bowl game in school history. This is a good team that has played well all season, and they deserve every accolade they can get.


12) TCU

This may be the best team in the country that you know nothing about. TCU has a stout defense, and they can hang with anyone in the country. Their only two losses came to Utah and Oklahoma, and they managed to keep the Sooners under 40 points, which is not an easy task.


13) BYU

This was to be the year the Cougars returned to greatness, and they fell a little short. Nonetheless, it was a solid season all in all.


14) Georgia Tech

Strange how the hottest team in the ACC never got a chance to play for the ACC Championship. Paul Johnson has turned this team around in his first year on campus. A home game in the Chick-fil-A Bowl is very fitting.


15) Oklahoma State

The Cowboys liked what Mike Gundy did with this team so much that they offered him a massive contract extension, and he deserves it. This is a very good team that will be good to go for a long time.


16) Oregon

The Ducks actually had to go through a lot this season thanks to injuries and things of that nature. It seems they have finally put it all together at the right time. Too bad it was not soon enough to save their Pac-10 season.


17) Pittsburgh

This has been a fun team to watch this season, and quietly they put together a hell of a year. Pitt may finally be heading in the right direction and have something to build off of.


18) Virginia Tech

They won the ACC, and they destroyed Boston College in doing so. The only thing the Hokies should be celebrating is that they drew Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl and not Texas Tech or someone of that nature.


19) Michigan State

Good season, and they should enjoy their trip to a bowl game. Let’s be honest, the Spartans outkicked their coverage this year.


20) Oregon State

So close, but when it mattered they just couldn’t come through.


21) Northwestern

Great year for this great institution, and they should be proud of what they accomplished.


22) Mississippi

Great season for a head coach in his first year. I’m sure that knocking off Florida helped in him getting that extra bonus year added to his contract as well.


23) Ball State

This is the danger of having a conference championship. All that hard work and now Ball State has nothing to show for it. The loss on Friday night to Buffalo was just demoralizing.


24) Boston College

So close yet again, but still they will not taste ACC gold. Throw in the fact that their fans don’t travel well, and you got the Eagles being shipped south for yet another subpar bowl game.


25) West Virginia

They looked good against USF for whatever that is worth. Not really sure why I put them here, to be completely honest.