Sabathia Winter Meetings Update

Tomer TalmyCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

C.C Sabathia has been the hot topic so far in the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas.

After meeting with Yankees GM Brian Cashman, Yankees manager Joe Girardi and Yankee legend Reggie Jackson, C.C seems to be interested in the Yankees. The Yankees met with C.C Sabathia for two and a half hours yesterday but C.C seems to be interested in coming to the Bronx as he approached the Yankees again today to gather some more information about the team and the city of New York.

Sabathia has been rumored to be interested in the west coast but it does not seem like any team in California is a good fit for Sabathia at this point.

Although Dodger GM Ned Coletti said that C.C wants to be a Dodger, it does not seem like the Dodgers will be able to make a serious run at Sabathia considering the enormous offer the Yankees have on the table for the veteran lefty. The Dodgers seem to be determined to go after Manny Ramirez which will leave them with very little money for pursuing Sabathia.

Other Potential fits include the Giants and Angels.

The Angels are also pursuing a big time free agent in Marx Texeira and in all likely hood they can not sign both Texeria and Sabathia. The Giants, a team with a fairly low payroll, have spent $16 million so far this offseason so it seem unlikely they will pursue Sabathia.

That leaves it up to the Yankees and with a six year $140 million offer on the table, it looks like the Yanks will be the favorites in the C.C Sabathia sweepstakes.