Chris Jericho: Pro Wrestling's 2008 MVP

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IDecember 8, 2008

What a year it has been for wrestling. Countless injuries and drug suspensions plagued the WWE roster, but one man rose above the rest and truly did what he said he was going to do. Chris Jericho said he came back to "Save the WWE," and Y2J kept his word.

On the night after last November's Survivor Series, WWE fans around the world were sitting on their hands in eager anticipation of the inevitable return of the "The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla.' He returned to lukewarm reactions and found himself in a somewhat questionable feud with JBL.

Jericho's year really kicked off after Wrestlmania, when he turned heel in a feud with a man he knew all too well, Shawn Michaels.  This was not just a little two month angle to keep the two busy while they awaited their title shot. This was something so much more.

These two men made wrestling interesting this year. There were so many people involved in this feud. Ric Flair, Lance Cade, Batista, and even Triple H and Paul London had a small part in this angle. It had no boundaries, and so much of it seemed fresh and new.

Not only did they manage to have some of the best talking segments on Raw, but they constantly put on awesome matches at every WWE pay-per-view. No matter what type of match it was. Shawn really deserves a lot of credit too, since he helped put Jericho back on the map. But it was Chris who really shined in the feud.

As Y2J and HBK continued their epic feud, Jericho found himself with a chance to win the World Heavyweight Championship in the "Scramble Match" at Unfogiven. Jericho, battered and beaten after his Unsanctioned match with Shawn Michaels, won the World title and was now on top of the wrestling world.

Although Chris Jericho won the title that night, he had not heard the last of the Heartbreak Kid. At No Mercy, the two faced off in what would be their epic last encounter in a ladder match for Jericho's title. Jericho walked away with the title and a gap in his sadistic smile that night.

Jericho's troubles where not over, as a familiar face in Batista was ready for his shot at Jericho. At Cyber Sunday, Jericho's reign was cut short to "The Animal", but only for a short time. Two weeks later, Y2J regained his title in a steel cage match on Raw.

Jericho had been riding high for months on Raw, and all seemed right in the world. That is, until Shane McMahon announced Chris Jericho's opponent for Survivor Series.  It turned out to be the man that sent Jericho away for two years, John Cena. Jericho walked into Survivor Series with all of the confidence in the world, but walked away with nothing but a headache after John Cena F.U.'ed him to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. 

One can only assume that Jericho won't be down for long after his year-long run on top of the company. Jericho saved us fans in 2008 and I hope he continues to "save us" from all that is mediocre in wrestling. Thank you, Chris Jericho. Thank you for making this year one of the best years for wrestling in a long while.