BYU Rebounding Problems: 39-29 and 14-7 Offensive Rebounding

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

USU dominated the Cougars on the boards with 39 rebounds to BYU’s 29. Add in the 14-7 advantage in offensive rebounds and it makes you wonder what BYU’s big men were doing.

I didn’t need to look at those numbers to know we’d been dominated. Just watching the game we all knew that USU was killing us on the boards, but those numbers sure drive the point home.

I’d be completely upset with our big men, but I think it’s probably more accurate to say that USU has some talented boys in the paint. USU is going to win a lot of games on the backs of Wilkinson and Wesley.

Despite USU’s talent, I thought BYU double-teamed very well. In the past BYU has been regularly hurt by passes out of the double-team that led to open shots. This wasn’t the case against USU and it was fun to see BYU executing the double-team so well.

Of course, my favorite stat of the night was BYU’s 12 steals. It sure is nice to have Jackson Emery back from his mission.