Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers: Week 14

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IDecember 8, 2008

Welcome, friends, to the 14th edition of Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers.

I'm sure you all watched the games on Sunday and know the Packers are eliminated from playoff contention. However, Rodgers can still earn himself a personal accolade by winning the newly-named Master vs. Student Trophy.

Yes, the winner of this competition will win a fake trophy called the Master vs. Student Trophy.

On we go...


Week 14

New York Jets    14
San Francisco    21


Brett Favre: 20-31 137 yds, 1 INT (1 Rushing TD)

The Good: The only reason I am writing anything here is so my readers don't think I'm cheap. Because really, there is nothing to write here.

Oh wait, you had a rushing touchdown. What was it, one yard out? Come on Favre, against the 49ers you should be getting at least 250 yards and two TDs.

The Bad: So Favre, when did you decide to pass up 20-yard gains for two-yard gains? Favre did not pass up the field at all against the 49ers. Really, 137 yards is pitiful and I don't think I've ever seen Favre throw for so little passing yards.

However, it has become evident to me that the Jets receivers don't fight for the ball. They either catch it or let it get picked off. Laverneus Coles didn't try to stop that pick, when he easily could have.

Just a really bad day for Favre, not that his terrible defense helped any.

Green Bay Packers    21
Houston Texans       24


Aaron Rodgers: 19-30 295 yds, 2 TD 1 INT

The Good: Another near-comeback for Rodgers. His team got down early, but with the help of the Texans being that bad, Rodgers was able to lead his team back. Another decent day of production from Rodgers, two touchdown passes is always good. He seemed to make the necessary throws and didn't seem to be under too much pressure.

He gave his team the opportunity to win, but if you've watched the Packers all season you know the defense always messes it up.

The Bad: Rodgers was bad early. He overthrew a few WIDE open receivers in the first half. Receivers so open that if he had made the throw, the Packers would have won this game. His interception didn't come at a good time, but the Texans helped them out by giving it right back.

Rodgers turned it around in the second half to almost win the game. Key word of course: almost.


The Pick

This week goes to Aaron Rodgers not because of his particularly stellar play, but because Favre played that bad. 137 yards? On 20 completions? I was so disgusted I had to take NyQuil to sleep that night!

With another dismal performance by Favre, Rodgers ties up the score 7-7 with three weeks remaining.


Final Thoughts

In the past I have always hated the Jets. Not because of any player or their history. No, I hated the Jets because their offense was SO DAMN BORING. I couldn't stay awake. It was a series of three-yard passes and mostly an ineffective running game.

This season they have gone away from that with Favre. These last two weeks, that old stlye of boring Jets football has reared its ugly head again. If the Jets don't turn it around quickly, they will go from the 8-3 "Subway Super Bowl" contenders to the 8-8 laughing stock of the AFC East.

Aaron Rodgers, I do not blame you at ALL this season. Who can with with a defense THAT BAD? They trip over each other! I was absolutely disgusted as I saw Matt Schaub, yes Matt Schaub, pass for 414 yards. The defense is miserable and there is no way ANY quarterback from ANY time could win with this defense. Please, fire Bob Sanders.