UFC 137 Fight Card: Nick Diaz Focused on BJ Penn, Still Needs to Get Paid

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2011

Former Strikeforce welterweight champion and challenger to Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz, is set to make his return to the UFC next weekend at UFC 137 against B.J. Penn.

Diaz's fight with Penn has all the makings of what could be one of the best fights of the year. Diaz though, has never really cared much about his Strikeforce belt.

"I haven't really though about anything. I'm just fighting," said Diaz in an interview with Fightline.com. "I'm not trying to get all crazy, I need to get paid.

I'm gonna show up and make weight. Then I'm gonna fight. I don't really think about all that…I could give a s***. I never put that belt on anyways, he can have the belt."

Diaz and Penn match up very well against each other. Both fighters possess the tools to win on the ground or standing. Just don't ask Diaz how he thinks the fight will play out. In the end, it is still a fight to him.

"It's a fight, man," Diaz said. "You know what I mean? That's not really what matters...I think this fight can go everywhere. Anything can happen, it's MMA."

Since GSP pulled out of his second fight of the year against Carlos Condit, Diaz has once again earned a spot in the main event.

This sets to be the toughest fight Diaz has ever had with the winner possibly getting a shot against the winner of GSP versus Condit.


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