Washington Redskins Injury Report and Roster...One in the Same

Sean WilsonCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

Why doesn't Dan Snyder just keep a triage tent set up on the sideline? With stretcher bearers? A big line of wheel chairs instead of a bench?

Is there a need to address trainers? Medical contracts? Staff physicians? I've gone over some of the other injury reports, and while I don't have the time, resources, nor inclination to go back and review injury reports for say...the last six to 10 seasons and compare them to others, the laymen's view from my couch says the Redskins, year after year, have an amazingly exorbitant amount of injuries that either nag or sideline key players for long periods of time.

Significant losses over the past three years to exceed six games include: Portis, Campbell, Samuels, Jansen, Thomas, Rabach, Washington, McIntosh, Springs, Griffin, Doughty (was starter), Daniels, and Rogers (I'm sure I've missed a few).

Those are just the starters. We've also lost Andre Carter, Jason Taylor to multiple games less than six games, and the Golsten/Montgomery Corp. to significant playing time. Malcolm Kelly, Stephon Heyer, and Alfred Fincher have all not contributed this season.

While CP, Landry, Horton, Fletcher, Samuels, Jansen, Moss, Randal El, Thomas, Kendall, Springs, Smoot, Blades, and Betts (again...I know I've missed someone) have all been banged up and playing hurt.

Injuries NFL wide are up at an amazing rate...So I'm not necessarily calling for the head of John Hastings-Head Strength/Conditioning, Bobby Crumpler-Assistant Strength/Conditioning, or Harrison Bernstein-Assistant Strength/Conditioning. But the Redskins do need to see if there are some changes they can make to fight injuries that may be consistantly costing them integral parts of teams that can contend.