Bound for Glory 2011: Why the Bound for Glory Series Wasn't as Good as Expected

Charlie GSenior Writer IOctober 22, 2011

Bound for Glory 2011: Why the Bound for Glory Series Wasn't as Good as Expected

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    The Bound For Glory Series, or BFG Series for short, was IMPACT Wrestling's hot new concept that took over most of the summer and spread into early fall.

    The BFG Series would place the company's top 12 World Championship contenders in a point-based tournament. Different types of wins meant different amounts of points.

    The four people with the highest scores before No Surrender would be the Final Four, with the other eight competitors being eliminated.

    From there, the Final four would fight in singles elimination matches, still gathering as many points as possible.

    The winner's prize? A World Heavyweight Championship match at the biggest stage of them all: Bound For Glory.

    This concept was just picked up this past summer and I wonder if we'll see it again next year. I had some thoughts and issues about this past BFGS and why I don't think it was as good as expected.

The Injuries

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    This BFG Series was overshadowed by injuries.

    The first injury that occurred was to "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan. Morgan suffered a real injury to his arm and shoulder and was gone for most of the Series.

    Then, as the Series went on, the injuries piled up.

    Samoa Joe injured The Pope, Devon and leader at the time, Crimson.

    Four of the 12 challengers were out of the Series thanks to injury.

    Bobby Roode, the eventual winner, started the Series with an injury, but that didn't stop him. The other four—Morgan, Crimson, Pope, Devon—were all forced out of the Series.

    There was too many injuries in this one tournament.

The Burials

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    Am I supposed to believe that wrestlers like Samoa Joe, The Pope and Bobby Roode have zero points while wrestlers like (no offense) Devon, Scott Steiner and Gunner are beating them?

    Crimson and Gunner are still two rookies in IMPACT Wrestling and for a time, they were dominant in this Series. How should I believe that these rookies are beating out guys like "The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles, "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe, "Cowboy" James Storm and "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero?

    Samoa Joe, who went undefeated for 18 months upon his IMPACT debut, finished dead last with a negative score in this Series?

    IMPACT chose some of the wrong people to be point leaders.

Amount of Matches

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    How many times did you see or hear of Crimson or RVD having a BFG Series match? A lot, right?

    How many times did you hear of AJ Styles or Bully Ray having a BFG Series match? Far less than that of Crimson and RVD, don't you agree?

    The BFG Series should've had a match limit per wrestler. Put everyone on an equal playing field.

    Each wrestler should've gotten X amount of matches. Maybe next year they can add brackets and different divisions to the Series.

    Maybe have the Sting, Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair brackets. The winners of their respective brackets would be in the Final Four.

    Four brackets, four wrestlers in each and only inner bracket matchups with possible eliminations if a wrestler is falling behind by too much.

    No more uneven match numbers.

    Let's give Crimson and AJ Styles the same amount of matches and see who really comes out on top.

The Wrestlers

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    I think IMPACT picked a nice bunch of wrestlers for this tournament, for the most part.

    We had AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Samoa Joe, The Pope, RVD, Bully Ray, et cetera.

    I do think that some other wrestlers would've been better choices than some already selected for the Series.

    Instead of having Devon, Scott Steiner, Crimson and Gunner, they have included guys like Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, Abyss, Douglas Williams and maybe an X Division underdog such as Alex Shelley, Austin Aries or Chris Sabin (if he had not been injured).

    You may be asking about Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle and a few others, which leads me to this next slide...

Did It Take Away from the Main Event?

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    The Series had some obvious main event talent in AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, Pope and Storm, to name a few.

    With all this main event-caliber talent, did the Series take away from the World title picture? Did it take away from the main event?

    This year, Mr. Anderson, Sting and Kurt Angle were the only guys gunning for the World title as this Series was going on. Only three people.

    You can argue that they were all fighting for that chance, but what did the other three do to deserve the shot in the first place?

    Did the BFGS leave the main event world title picture boring and/or repetitive? 

The Winner of the Series Didn't Even Win the World Title!

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    The winner of the BFG Series was granted a World title match at the biggest show of the year—Bound For Glory.

    All these 12 guys had that in mind. They all wanted that one spot.

    The eventual winner, Bobby Roode, did get that chance, but this Series didn't pay off! Roode just defeated some of the best challengers the company had to offer and more on IMPACT but still didn't win the World title.

    Winning the BFG Series would've been the biggest push of a lifetime for any wrestler. For some, it would have been the biggest chance they get.

    Roode got to ride that wave but ended up getting pitted into the ground and having to watch his tag team partner and BFGS finalist, James Storm, win the Heavyweight Championship on the IMPACT after Bound For Glory.

    Roode may have finished first in the Series, but he didn't get the title.

    One of the Final Four, James Storm, ended up becoming what the other 11 competitors set out to be: Heavyweight Champion of the World.