Charlotte Chronicles: Part One

Chris BrooksCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

The event I have waited for six months has finally arrived. I come to you from my mother's house in Richmond, VA, where I will be departing for Charlotte, NC today for the Panthers vs. Bucs game tonight at Bank of America Stadium.

I will be giving detailed information about our trip to Monday Night Football today. We will be departing in about two hours and take the trek down to Uptown Charlotte, where we will check into the La Quinta, then head over and get some grub at Mama Ricotta's. After we eat at the best place in Charlotte, we will head to the stadium for pregame festivities and get ready for the electricity of tonight's game.
Had a minor problem leaving Fairfax, however. My car, which worked perfectly fine on Saturday to and from Drexel, but last night, my car decided to never cut on. Thank you Shannon for driving me to Richmond—lifesaver is what she is.
So now my boy Aaron will be driving, meaning more gas money for me, but it is very worth it. I will try and write another part when we get to the hotel, especially is something sweet happens along the way.
We will definitely hit up some Bojangles and get a Cajun Chicken biscuit and a sweet tea...
Go Panthers!