TNA Wrestling/WWE Landscape: Trading Samoa Joe for John Morrison Would Work

Mr. Ashley MorrisAnalyst IOctober 21, 2011

Let’s not mince words and spend useless time beating around the bush: The WWE should trade John Morrison for TNA wrestling's Samoa Joe.

I find it appalling that John Morrison’s name is coupled with the term “buried” more often than Samoa Joe these days.  Then again, fewer than two million fans watch TNA weekly so it shouldn’t be surprising that Joe’s name is more synonymous with the question “Who?” than anything else.

All jokes aside, JoMo and Joe have been buried by their respective companies deeper than Lincoln’s gold and Davy Jones’ locker.  For God’s sake their collective win/loss records look like binary codes.

Ridiculous would be a far too kind a word to describe their descent into the fiery depths of burial hell.  Abysmal and apocalyptic come close, but still don’t quite grasp the fullness of what they’re experiencing.

In fact, the only bright spot in all of this is that at least fans can speculate on why JoMo is getting buried; Samoa Joe is paddling up crap creek with two wet noodles and a Barry Horowitz navigational system for no apparent reason.

It is frustrating for fans to witness the slow demise of these two incredible stars when they have both proven that they can perform at the main-event level with ease. 

Sure both men have their weaknesses—JoMo’s yawn-inducing mic skills and lack of testicular fortitude, and Joe’s all-around “Eff it, I don’t care” approach to wrestling for TNA (see: Carlito and WWE)—but both have legions of die-hard fans lobbying for some main-event screen time on behalf of their favorite wrestlers.

A talent trade COULD work; Vince and Paul Heyman traded talent years ago during the MNW era; Bischoff just offered talent better contracts (**cough cough** Vinnie Jr.)
A talent trade COULD work; Vince and Paul Heyman traded talent years ago during the MNW era; Bischoff just offered talent better contracts (**cough cough** Vinnie Jr.)

For multiple reasons that we fans will truly never understand, Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter are content as hell to allow these two men to rack up more losses than this year’s Atlanta Braves.

That’s where this bright idea peeked over the horizon!

Players are traded from one team to the other all the time in “real” sports.  UFC picks up fighters from Strikeforce; LeBron James abandoned Cleveland for Miami.  If you’re lucky, you can be like Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson and jump to a completely different sport!

Wrestlers also move from one company to another with reckless abandon in today’s pro wrestling universe.  But how cool would it be to see rival companies come to an agreement on the contracts of their “independent contractors” and make a mutual trade that not only works for the company but for the “contractors” as well?

Reflect on that thought for a minute: If both TNA and the WWE were purposefully burying Samoa Joe and John Morrison, then they would and should not have any qualms with allowing them to work for the other company, right?

What could either company lose by getting rid of stars that are for them, for all intents and purposes, “dead weight"?

Samoa Joe’s character in TNA is at an absolute all-time low and shows no signs of resuscitation at all.  The character has suffered from several gimmick changes and currently sits stagnant like an abandoned Jetta on the shoulder of a county road.

Quick! Without looking on the internet, when was the last time Joe won a match???
Quick! Without looking on the internet, when was the last time Joe won a match???

The only glimmer of anything resembling sense in Joe’s character is that he seems to be living up to his threat of offing all the pretty-boy stars in TNA.  He tried to take out Crimson and Matt Morgan one by one, and that worked out about as well as Matt Hardy in Gold’s Gym. 

So instead he convinced both men to destroy one another, which was actually pretty clever.  It would have been more interesting and intriguing if not for the fact that Joe still can’t win a match to save his life.

John Morrison’s character in the WWE is at this point a reoccurring parkour exhibition.  He’s taken Evan Bourne’s place as leader of the J.O.B. Squad, and he’s more than likely paying for all the chaos caused by his girlfriend’s shenanigans in the company (see: Drew McIntyre).

There is hope for the “Prince of Parkour,” however; rumors persist about his plans once his contract expires in the near future. 

Fans should realize that the company is at least trying to get him to consider staying with the WWE.  Why else would he have taken the pinfall in a match alongside top draws Randy Orton and Sheamus?

Both of these situations are assuming that TNA and the WWE see something worthwhile in keeping each star on their roster regardless of how they’re being portrayed on television.  The bottom line is this: If a company wants to fire you, you’re going to get fired…period.

In the case of pro wrestling, if a company wants to release a star then that star will get released; just ask Matt Hardy and Hugo Savinovich.

Gail Kim left the WWE on her own terms for her own reasons; is it possible something bigger was in store for her later on down the line? After all, the WWE didn't fire her...
Gail Kim left the WWE on her own terms for her own reasons; is it possible something bigger was in store for her later on down the line? After all, the WWE didn't fire her...

Fans that have work experience know this to be all too true; if your job wanted you gone, the amount of hard work and effort you put into the company is moot.  They’ll give you a plaque, a cheesy retirement party and a hearty pat on the back to distract you from the boot to your ass on the way out the door.

From this perspective, the entire “buried” argument sounds not as bad as it’s made out to be. 

In John Morrison’s case, the WWE could easily buy out his contract, have him sit at home for 90 days, and that’s the last of that.  Why even feature him on TV at all if he was a lock to leave the company (thanks for that one, Quinn Gammon)?

In comparison, Triple H spent at least a year being buried for being the last man standing after the infamous Madison Square Garden incident.  Fast-forward to 2011 and he’s ruining everyone else’s career to make up for that lost time; way to promote synergy, Trips!

Could the same be happening for John Morrison?  We have to be careful when jumping to conclusions and assuming that he’s on his way out of the company.

For example: Did you notice how the whole “Divas of Destruction” angle with Natalya and Beth Phoenix took off shortly after Gail Kim asked for her release?  Come to find out she informed John Laurinitis of her impending departure the same night she eliminated herself from that Divas Battle Royal.

Is it possible that Gail Kim could’ve had a major role in the storyline with Beth and Natalya?  Who knows?

What about Samoa Joe?  Fans were sure that a jump to the WWE was all but written in stone, but the more plucky fans quickly pointed out that Joe was in the first year of a three-year deal with TNA.

What could possibly be on the horizon for Joe if he chose to stick around and wade through the murky swamp waters in Orlando?  It has to be something huge if he’s willing to spend most of his time staring at the ceiling lights.

For the sake of argument let’s say that both men despise their current positions in their companies and their bosses just don’t want them to succeed because they’re evil, evil people.

Why not work a trade?

TNA would get hacked to pieces with comments about yet another disgruntled ex-WWE star receiving preference over the homegrown talent.  Given Morrison’s “prowess,” wouldn’t you expect that and wouldn’t it be the perfect signing?

It’d be one thing for them to hire Lucky Cannon and make him the TV champ, World heavyweight champ and Knockouts champ his third night in the company. 

But this is John Morrison! He’s supposed to be a world champion!

The man could have an excellent run as TV champion and turn around to have stellar main-event matches with AJ Styles and soon-to-be-champion Jeff Hardy.  Why would anyone dare part their lips to bad-mouth that signing?

The WWE could take Samoa Joe and drop him into FCW for the minimum two-year stint, then pair him with Husky Harris—who has a similar body build—and dub them a “wrecking crew” tag team of sorts.

Or in a perfect world, Samoa Joe would receive a new moniker and tear his way up the ranks just to be the kryptonite to John Cena’s Superman. 

Heck if God loves us all, Samoa Joe could be the one man to make Cena tap or say “I Quit.”  I’d personally exhaust all my disposable income just to see that. 

Even still, naysayers have their doubts about this proposed trade.  The WWE wouldn’t utilize Joe “properly” and TNA would continue hiring ex-WWE stars as opposed to building and creating their own.  These arguments against the trade are not without their own inconsistencies.

TNA is currently developing both James Storm and Robert Roode and fans are extremely upset at how the company has chosen to go about it, lest we forget that Robert Roode’s “push” at the conclusion of the Bound for Glory series began five weeks ago (see: Sheamus and TNA Rob Van Dam).

If TNA fails to develop and push their own stars, fans are mad—but if TNA develops and pushes their own stars at a steady pace, fans are still mad?  That’s confusing even by Russo logic.

On the opposite side of the river, can we name one star that the WWE didn’t crap on at the beginning?  The WWE initially misused Chris Jericho, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and almost canned CM Punk; look at where these superstars are now.

If any fan expects Joe to enter into the WWE and wreck shop the same way he once did in TNA, could it also be possible that fan has some unrealistic expectations on how the company operates?

The bottom line is this: John Morrison and Samoa Joe are two very talented athletes that most fans believe should be utilized better in their respective companies. 

While the specifics of that utilization vary from person to person, we all can agree that we’d rather not watch these men constantly lose matches.

A trade between the WWE and TNA would easily alleviate our concerns about Joe and JoMo, but this highly improbable trade would come at a particular price that fans may not be ready to accept.

The revitalization of these stars’ careers cannot be found in wins and championship reigns.  Their characters cannot be developed by simply dropping them into the main-event picture with no rhyme or reason. 

Joe has to be more than a silent and undefeatable monster, while JoMo has to be more than a cool and gifted athlete who was good on the mic when he was a heel.

If TNA or the WWE can’t move these men past these moments in their careers, and if these men can’t evolve their own characters as well, then a trade is the only thing that makes sense.

After all, JoMo would fit in perfectly with all the other gifted athletes on TNA’s roster and Samoa Joe would be just another monster with a major push on the WWE’s roster.

I’m just sayin’…it sounds like a good deal to me.


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