NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Paul Is Destined to Land on the New York Knicks

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NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Paul Is Destined to Land on the New York Knicks
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Now that the NBA has a tentative agreement to end the lockout, we can focus on the things that actually matter—like which superstar the New York Knicks are going to target next.

The plan all along has been to form a superstar powerhouse of sorts in New York, and the team has not deviated from this blueprint; rather, it has staked more of an investment in it. This "big three" aspiration the organization possesses has cost it not only a flurry of talented prospects, but also the basketball genius of Donnie Walsh. 

And there is sure to be more collateral damage along the way.

There is a silver lining to all the sacrifices the Knicks have already made and will continue to make, though, and it comes in the form of a 6' star point guard. Yes, we are talking about Chris Paul.

Since the beginning of last summer, the idea of Paul running the point at the Garden has been more than entertained, and with the new CBA permitting sign-and-trades, it seems the elusive superstar is as good as in orange and blue already. 

Despite the odds being stacked against New York in terms of trade assets, we cannot ignore the signs. From Paul's wedding toast last summer to Carmelo Anthony's open endorsement of his acquisition this fall, it seems such a move is a part of New York's destiny.

The Knicks have very little to offer the New Orleans Hornets for Paul, and the thought of decimating any remaining young talent is unsettling, but to call such a formation a stretch would be a massive exaggeration.  

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LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are living proof that if stars want to play together, they will find a way. The situation between Paul and the Knicks is no different. Amar'e Stoudemire openly stated he was recruiting Anthony, and we all know how that panned out.

Was it just coincidental Anthony wound up in New York? Not at all. Signing Stoudemire was the first step of a three-part plan that has been kept not-so-secret.

Will Paul have to force his hand harder than Anthony did? Yes, the Knicks have far fewer assets than this time last year, and the Hornets are bound to be averse to assisting New York in their formation of a big three. Such an obstacle is not about to stop this big three pairing, though.

The Knicks have topped Paul's wish list since last summer, and that was before the team boasted the likes of Anthony. Forget that other teams will be interested in Paul. Forget that there are other organizations with more to offer. Forget it all.

Essentially, the only thing that matters here is that Paul has already entertained the idea—and warmed up to it, to say the least—of joining the Knicks. The mutual interest is there, and knowing the New York will have the cap space to make it happen regardless of New Orleans' decision this season speaks volumes.

As long as the mutual interest is there, destiny—as well as history—is on New York's side. And considering said mutual interest isn't going anywhere, Paul is a near lock to be donning orange and blue by next season.

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