TNA Is Screwing A.J. Styles

Jason IovannaCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

I haven't written an article for sometime now but after looking at yesterday's results from TNA's Final Resolution PPV, I had to get this out there:  The insanity needs to stop.  Probably one of the hardest, if not the hardest worker in the business, A.J. Styles, deserves more than anyone on that roster to be champion.

In my opinion, the TNA World Title currently means nothing.  It is on the shoulders of a man that works a part time schedule, and does not defend that title much at all.  A.J. has been in TNA from Day 1, and granted even though being a former NWA Heavyweight Champion, he still has not gained the currently recognized national title. 

How would you feel if you, like A.J. said, works a full time schedule for TNA and other organizations, you never see your family, and leave your wife to be practically a single mother, and never see any rewards contributed your way?  That promo he did on Sting I guarantee had some real emotion and feelings behind it.  This is another instance of a Dixie Carter screw up.

If I were A.J., I would take my services elsewhere.  With Impact still not where it should be as a prime-time show, people just aren't buying Sting as being the face of TNA.  TNA needs A.J. Styles as champion in the upcoming year or risk really facing some drastic economic decisions.  Many contracts are coming to a close soon and if I were A.J. I would seriously consider WWE as a possible employment opportunity. 

In the case of Samoa Joe, it was only him talking to WWE what landed him the title.  It shouldn't have to get to that point.  He could have some unreal matches with Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, and Evan Bourne.  I really can't see how people can see it in any other way.

The Golden Boy of TNA needs his time in the limelight, and the way TNA has treated him the past two years, I wouldn't dare put up with it any longer.