WWE Vengeance 2011: Exploring the History of the Mark Henry-Big Show Rivalry

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistOctober 20, 2011

Mark Henry plows Big Show through the steel cage wall.
Mark Henry plows Big Show through the steel cage wall.

Over the course of the past few days, there have been a variety of articles circulating regarding the ever-so controversial World Heavyweight Championship match this Sunday at the Vengeance pay-per-view event.

Of course, the bout will be contested between two very familiar foes in Big Show and World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. The IWC has essentially split in half following voiced opinions and predictions as to who will emerge victorious.

However, before any solid prediction could be made, why not revisit the storied history of the raging rivalry between these the two behemoths?

Much like any other World Champion match in past months, no contest is ever complete without a particular background feud to support it. Without it, the bout will obviously fall flat, but the bad blood between Show and Henry has finally reached its breaking point.

Since this past June, Henry has been on the biggest roll of his career as the most monstrous force to step into a WWE ring in quite some time.

But if you trace back to the exact date and location of where this apparent fire was lit underneath Henry, you'll see that Big Show was the reason all of this transpired in the first place.

Preparing for his pending match with Alberto Del Rio on an episode of SmackDown in late June, Big Show instead decided to unleash his full rage on a helpless Mark Henry, who was carried on a stretcher from the ring due to the self-proclaimed concussion he suffered.

Only a mere 48 hours later, Henry re-emerged from the back to ambush Show from behind, eventually delivering an impressive World's Strongest Slam to the World's Largest Athlete through the commentating table at ringside.

Immediately following that, Henry targeted Big Show on both Raw and SmackDown, proving his dominance.

Some of Henry's infamous attacks that have been replayed in respective video packages include tackling Show off the stage, during an interview backstage and even through the wall of a steel cage.

Leading up to their scheduled confrontation at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in July, many speculated that Henry's vicious antics would backfire against him come the event.

Despite this, the World's Strongest Man proceeded to single-handily defeat Show in a brief yet effective bout, crushing the former WWE Champion's ankle with a steel chair moments later.

With the Big Show being the first official superstar inducted into his Hall of Pain, Mark Henry would continue his reign of dominance for months to come, decimating the likes of Kane, Vladimir Kozlov and Sheamus on subsequent episodes of SmackDown.

Fast forward two months later, Henry finds himself walking out of Buffalo, New York as the new World Heavyweight Champion with a clear cut victory over the sadistic Randy Orton at Night of Champions.

After staying loyal to the company in addition to working his tail off for 15 years, Henry finally got what he rightfully deserved in his first World Heavyweight Championship.

Just recently, it was announced that Big Show finally recovered from his brutal injury he suffered three months ago, and would be returning to SmackDown to confront Henry as a result of his actions.

That night, Show unleashed an enraged, furious side of him that we haven't seen for at least a year, completely destroying the World Champion as the show closed.

Retrieving a title shot at Vengeance wasn't enough for Show, who once again got the better of Henry the following week of SmackDown. Henry suffered from the curious case of deja vu, being choke-slammed through the commentator's table at the conclusion of last week's show.

At this point, Henry hasn't appeared to be at his weakest since before he shockingly turned heel in April. Big Show is riding a wave of momentum going into this Sunday at Vengeance, but is it enough to leave San Antonio as the new World Heavyweight Champion?

Personally, I don't expect much from these two as far as the wrestling goes for their upcoming match. But I was indeed proven wrong about their Money in the Bank encounter, so anything is possible given their great chemistry inside the squared circle.

Of all the matches penciled in for this Sunday, no other match seems as unpredictable as the highly anticipated drama within the World Heavyweight Championship contest. This event title fits this respective rivalry perfectly, with Show reaching the climax of his career back on the main event scene.

A forgotten Kane may also play an eventual factor in the match as well by making an unexpected return during the contest, but I wouldn't exactly bet on it.

Although the Big Red Monster might be seeking his own vengeance against the World Champion, I honestly hope Creative doesn't give up on Henry this early in his title run by giving the strap to a member of the Raw roster.

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