WWE Friday Night SmackDown: How Kane Will Return To Rule SmackDown

Kyle SymesCorrespondent IIIOctober 20, 2011

The big red machine Kane is set to return soon and he could have the world at his fingertips on Friday nights.

After being inducted into Mark Henry's "Wall of Pain," Kane will no doubt be looking for vengeance on "The World's Strongest Man." Unfortunately the WWE has already done this storyline with the Big Show's return so unless they want to repeat themselves, Kane will have to find something different to do.

He could return and help his partner Big Show pick up the title at Vengeance. It would be fitting given that Mark Henry has been extracting his vengeance upon the WWE lately by destroying anything in his path only to be stopped by the vengeance of the Big Show and Kane.

Before we discuss what Kane does in his return, we should create the possibilities of how he returns.

Many fans have been clamoring for Kane to return with a mask, or some variant of a mask. Something like a "Phantom of the Opera" half-mask or maybe with some face paint could inject new life into Kane's gimmick.

We haven't seen a change in the maniacal monster in quite some time. He doesn't need a new gimmick entirely, but rather a different spin on the one he has now.

Now would be the perfect way for WWE to create a new angle on the "Kane" gimmick.

Since they like Kane to be a huge pyromaniac, have him return "reborn" like a phoenix rising from the ashes and being even stronger than before. If you've seen the X-Men cartoons/movies you'll understand what I mean.

Of course they could go another direction and have Kane return to help Mark Henry against his former tag champion. The Kane character was always better as a heel and he could come back saying, "The Wall of Pain has opened his eyes to how the WWE has treated him his career."

The WWE Creative team has quite a few options for Kane's return but I myself am not going to place much faith in their decisions. One thing is for certain: Kane's return should be something like his entrance in 1997.

For weeks fans heard Paul Bearer talk about The Undertaker's brother returning and when Kane made his debut at the first Hell in the Cell match, it was downright scary. When Kane ripped the door off the hinges and destroyed The Undertaker in the manner he did, we knew Kane was not someone to mess with.

It was fun watching Kane joke around with the Big Show but Kane needs to return to the old ways to inject some new life into his character and get back to being the big red monster that walks through hellfire and brimstone.