"Dream Match" a Fight To Remember

noning antonioContributor IDecember 7, 2008

Several months before the fight transpired, boxing analysts and experts barefaced slammed the fight citing it as a circus and both boxers, particularly Pacquiao, took the fight just because of the money involved.

In the Philippines, a governing body of sports the Games and Amusement Board tried to stop the fight and wrote the Nevada State Athletic Association, appealing the cancellation of the said fight stressing further that it will be a bad situation in sports. An unknown Filipino congressman pressured GAB’s intervention in stopping the bout.

However, in contrast they didn’t consider the contribution it would give to the obviously declining sport.

Now, the fight has culminated, and all those who passed judgment on the fight were silenced. All their predictions were nullified with the drawn attendance of more than 16,000 people at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and the millions of viewers who watched it via pay-per-view, together contributed greatly to the dying boxing industry.

Despite the economic turmoil in the states, and other parts of the world, it did not hamper the people buying tickets pegged at high prices and reasonable PPV prices allowed the public to watch the fight of the century.

That only showed how great boxing is as a sport, two fighters atop the ring possessing their own styles, qualities, and skills as a boxer. A dream match, indeed, should be remembered and should be considered as one of the greatest fight of all time.

Nevertheless, we have to give credits to the organizer, promoters, and all the people who work hardest to make this dream come true and, most particularly, to the two great fighters for providing the excitement in the ring.   

In the Philippines, business establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and movie houses earned a lot of money due to pay-per-views, which opened to the general public. Tickets were sold out. That’s how giant this fight was.