Klitschko Brothers Exclusive Video Interview

Vitali SCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2011

From nothing to everything is a long way. From everything to nothing is one stop. I heard that I am crazy for taking this fight [against Samuel Peter], but I’m very excited about this chance. His manager is saying that I am a ‘dead man walking,’ but dead men cannot have nightmares. – Wladimir Klitschko

The main point in every profession is that you understand who the beginner is and who the professional is. The main point is experience and how you work with that.  It’s very important, with experience you get the best result. – Vitali Klitschko

The Klitschko bothers have slowly but surely made their way into being a boxing sensation in terms of their performance as well as the rarity of encountering two brothers of such proportions. For a respectably extended amount of time now, both brothers have been undeniably dominating the heavyweight boxing division with no real threatening challenger in sight.

Critics have always found words to put a splinter to their successful boxing careers, but no matter what, some things are impossible to argue. For one, both Vitali (43-2-0) and Wladimir (56-3-0) Klitschko have proven themselves over and over against available and formidable competition.

Sure, Vitali had to quit on the stool against Chris Byrd (41-5-1) due to a shoulder injury and lose the most important fight of his career to Lennox Lewis (41-2-1) due to the disastrous cut above his eye; and yes, we also know that Wladimir had his share of bad luck against Corrie Sanders (42-4-0) and Lamon Brewster (35-6-0), still, their current status in the heavyweight division is clear: They took over and will not relent.

Since losing two of his fights against Byrd and Lewis, Vitali Klitschko hasn’t been down on the scorecards in any of his fights, and he's dominated all of them with evident clarity. Wladimir has also greatly improved after having to shuffle his team a couple times until finding the right one to create an optimal environment for himself. Emanuel Steward has undoubtedly made an all-around champion out of the younger brother, Wladimir.

Like brothers always do, they keep their strong relationship evident not only out of the ring, but inside as well. Vitali avenged Wladimir’s loss to Sanders, while Wladimir returned the favor and knocked out Byrd. There will always be negative light shed on any and all champions, but very little should be said in that respect about either of the brothers. You may like them or hate them, a fact is a fact. 

Beside their conclusively (in my personal opinion) phenomenal boxing careers, these two champions are unique in many other ways. Both hold PhDs in sports science, both happen to be avid and, from what I’ve heard, fairly advanced chess players and both are involved in numerous successful charities that they themselves have created. Vitali has also been a strong political activist, running for mayor of Kiev and attempting to create a better life for his countrymen. His political party “Punch” is focused on bringing Ukraine’s living conditions to top-world standards. Also, on November 11, 1999, The Guinness Book of World Records added Klitschko for becoming the fastest heavyweight to win 26 fights by KO in the least amount of rounds (60).

Very educated, humble, methodical and entertaining, both brothers bring an entirely new kind of champion to the sport of boxing.

Recently, a documentary titled Klitchko has been filmed and released in Europe. It has now officially made its way to the U.S.A and will be coming to big screens in New York and Los Angeles this coming Friday, October 21st, and then hopefully expand to other parts of the world.

I had an opportunity to experience two great things a few weeks ago: sit down for the preview of the documentary, as well as interview both brothers exclusively.

I can promise you the documentary is worth viewing. It is quite amazing to see the real Klitschko family and take a peek at the behind-the-scenes lives of both brothers. The history of their journey to where they are today is filled with everything imaginable, making the documentary worth your while.

For example, did you know that Don King himself attempted to sign both brothers by inviting them to his home? And it was Vitali himself who saw through King and refused to go ahead with the contract, urging his brother to do the same. And did you know why Vitali had the feeling that King was not trustworthy? Well, the documentary will tell the story (sorry folks, not allowed to give up too much of the juice!).

Please enjoy the Documentary Trailer and my exclusive video interview with both brothers.