Oscar De la Hoya Will Continue to Shine as The Golden Boy of Boxing

noning antonioContributor IDecember 7, 2008

Despite the loss of Oscar de la Hoya, in the hands of Filipino spitfire Manny "pacman" Pacquiao, he will still remain as the golden boy of boxing.

Dela Hoya has already achieved the best of everything in the boxing world. Ten times boxing champion of the world in six different weight divisions and a box office king, are already the greatest accomplishment that Oscar has achieved that no other fighter in his generation has ever enjoyed such accolades.

His loss to Pacquiao, will definitely not relegate his lustrous career and people will always remember him as a boxer who captured the hearts of the boxing enthusiasts including ordinary fans, with his charisma and devotion to the sport.

Dela Hoya seemingly changed the world of boxing since he started fighting as professional by giving the fans the kind of excitement they wanted.

Manny has a similar career with the golden boy, who has started their venture in the professional arena in the lower division before moving up to higher class to captured tiles respectively.

De la Hoya will remain the golden boy of boxing. He will continue to shine even he decides to finally hang up his glove for good, by providing opportunities to other young aspiring fighter through his promotional outfit.

De la Hoya's golden smile will continue to gleam in the dark and his adventures in the ring will surely be remembered generation to generation as a golden boy with a golden accomplishments in the four square jungle.

Last Saturday night, De la Hoya, passed the glowing torch to the hand of Manny Pacquiao, the modern day golden guy of boxing, a feat that every boxer has ever dreamed!