Three-Game Season Remains in The AFC East

KP WeeSenior Writer IDecember 7, 2008

It is certainly amusing to see the New York Jets lose...again!

It seems over the years the Jets have lost meaningful December games when they were in contention (which has been rare to begin with)... other than the 1998 season, when they went to the AFC title game following a 10-1 finish to the regular campaign, and in 2002.

Anyway, a loss in San Francisco (4-8 going in) for Brett Favre's troops, after a defeat at home to the Denver Broncos (6-5 at the time) last week, and the Jets are now tied with New England (which had a late comeback in Seattle) and Miami (which beat Buffalo in the first regular season game held in Canada).

All three teams, the Jets, Patriots, and Dolphins, are 8-5.

Miami's story is certainly a great one, since the Dolphins were 1-15 last year and have the ex-Jet Chad Pennington (who was dumped in favor of Favre) leading the way. New England, of course, has been without MVP Tom Brady since Week One, and is doing just fine with Matt Cassel (who had back-to-back 400-yard games against the Jets and 'Fins recently) leading the way.

(Okay, okay, before anyone gets excited, New York currently holds the tie-breaker, so the Jets are No. 1, followed by the Pats and 'Fins.)

Looking at the remaining schedule for the three teams, it shapes up to be a fun way to end the season.

Jets: vs Buf, @ Sea, vs Mia
Pats: @ Oak, vs Arz, @ Buf
Dolphins: vs SF, @ KC, @ Jets

The Bills have been fading (1-6 since a 5-1 start) and have already lost to the Jets earlier in the year. The Seahawks are brutal (2-11) and have lost six in a row. Assume the Jets beat the both, setting up a showdown at the Meadowlands against the Dolphins to end the season.

Chad Pennington, dumped before the season because of Favre, going back to Giants Stadium and coming up with a big game against his ex-teammates, potentially knocking the Jets out of the playoffs? That'd be interesting to watch.

Miami, though, plays the equally inept 49ers (5-8) and Chiefs (2-11) prior to the finale against the Jets.

Meanwhile, the Patriots will face the Raiders (3-10), the Cardinals (8-5) in Foxborough, and then take on the Bills.

Interestingly, of Oakland's three wins this year, one came against the Jets. And now the Jets also fell in 'Frisco. Don't forget the San Diego Chargers, who have been snake-bitten all year long and are 5-8, have also beaten New York. Could the Seahawks, 1-6 at home this year, pull out an upset win over the Jets at Qwest Field in Week 16?

Arizona in New England in Week 16 is an interesting opponent. The Cards have wrapped up the NFC West and would be playing for one of the top two seeds in the conference, but have been brutal against teams with winning records, losing already to the Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Jets, and Panthers. The Cards are 3-4 on the road, but those three wins came in San Fran, St. Louis, and Seattle. Hardly anything to brag about. They might well lose in the cold in New England.

Thus, if the Pats win out--don't forget, they are 21-2 in December since 2003, they would clinch the AFC East if Miami stumbles in one of the next two but wins in New York. Could happen!

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