Cleveland Browns Need to Shed Jamal Lewis

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

Jamal Lewis is no longer worth his present salary.

I dislike putting forth that opinion because I respect Lewis. I respect his work ethic, his loyalty, and his leadership on this club. However, as they say, football's a business.

Jamal has made a career as a downhill runner who breaks tackles at the line of scrimmage. He no longer is this type of runner and he doesn't have the speed or ability to be any other kind.

I've seen him deteriorate as this season has progressed. He approaches the line of scrimmage almost timidly now. He changes directions in the backfield and has "happy feet" at the line. This isn't the style that has made him successful.

His physical appearance is testimony to how hard he works. I, in no way, mean to disrespect this player's desire, drive, or love of the game. My reasoning only considers the welfare of the Browns' organization.

If I'm not mistaken, Lewis makes $6 million this year. I feel that Harrison is a better back right now. That's a debatable point, I know, but he makes less than $500,000. Can anyone argue that Jamal is 12 times as good as Harrison?

The Browns need change, as we all know. Priorities must be set, and loyalty is an unaffordable luxury. Jamal Lewis will always have me as a fan, but his exorbitant salary would be much better spent elsewhere on this Cleveland team