UFC Coming to Theaters in 3D in Early 2012

G DAnalyst IIIOctober 21, 2011

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has become one of the world's fastest growing organizations for a reason.

UFC President, Dana White has been the engine of the UFC since it's rapid growth began and has catapulted the organization into a league of their own.

And, as expected, the UFC has outdone themselves again.

Variety.com recently revealed that Cinedigm has collaborated with the UFC to bring forth four UFC events a year in 3D.

While the first fight card has yet to be determined, the first pay-per-view event will hit theaters February 4th, 2012.

Chris McGurk, Cinedigm's CEO, wasn't hesitant at all in joining forces with the UFC as he stated,

"Regardless of the network you have, the most important thing is to be providing content avid audiences want to see in a social setting. UFC, the way it's exploded in the last few years, is the perfect content to put in theaters live and in 3D."

While Cinedigm has not shared which locations would show the first pay-per-view event in 3D, they have stated February's event will be shown in approximately 120 theaters.

Joining forces with Cinedigm has allowed the UFC to gain another stepping stone on way to the top of the sports world.