50 Sexiest Sports Hottie Videos

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIOctober 21, 2011

50 Sexiest Sports Hottie Videos

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    While gazing at provocative still shots of the most beautiful women in sports is evidently quite engaging for most fans, watching the same models, WAGs and athletes in action brings about a different appreciation.

    These sexy icons in sports undoubtedly believe that they have a responsibility to entertain their fans, embrace their viewers and impress the cameras.

    They may succeed every time they complete a successful photo shoot, but nothing gets fans more involved than a video that displays one's personality, attitude and vivaciousness.

    Only a video can possibly take fans to a closer, more intimate level that allows them into the world of a sports hottie. 

    Here are the 50 hottest videos of women in sports.


50. Carmen Electra Electrifies Her Fans

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    With this erotic video featuring Joe Cocker's hit song "You Can Leave Your Hat On," former WAG Carmen Electra has successfully kept herself relevant. 

    Her Playboy days may be long gone, her Baywatch days in the past, but the former wife of Dennis Rodman, albeit only from November 1998 to April 1999, Electra is electrifying the camera with her redemption dance.

    She's still got it.

49. How Low Can Royce Reed Go

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    Apparently Dwight Howard's baby mama can go pretty low, considering she violated a court order that prohibited her from talking about the star Center.

    Basketball Wives star Royce Reed allegedly owed Howard over $550,000, and he was unrelenting in his pursuit of justice.

    This all seems natural at a party hosted by Terrell Owens and Ludacris.

48. Abigail Clancy Embraces the Camera

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    While she is married to lanky footballer Peter Crouch, this beautiful British lingerie model has garnered plenty of fame on her own.

    Arguably no modeling venture got her more exposure than her appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010.

    She had us at hello with that sexy accent.

47. Hope Dworaczyk Picks Up a Hobby

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    Any girl that is willing to learn to skateboard is quite the catch.

    The former WAG of potent NBA point guard Jason Kidd, Hope Dworaczyk is expanding her resume with help from professional skater Tony Tave.

    He has undoubtedly never been more pleased with watching a beginner fall down, as he clearly loves helping her up.

46. Bia and Branca Feres Are Synchronized Talkers

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    The sexiest parts of this video are the erotic accents, the misunderstandings on the audience's part and the fortune-cookie readings.

    While we have little idea as to what is occurring, it's more than entertaining and a beautiful display of the best Brazil has to offer.

    These synchronized-swimming twins can barely speak one at a time.

45. Selita Ebanks Is an Expert WAG

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    While this Caymanian fashion model garnered fame in the sports world for her relationships with James Blake and Osi Umenyiora, she continues to attract world-wide attention with shoots like this.

    Her tips on attracting a woman are duly noted.

44. Sara Carbonero Is Newsworthy

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    More people would watch the news if the reporters looked anything close to Spanish presenter Sara Carbonero.

    Known as goalkeeper Iker Casillas' WAG, Carbonero continues to light up screens with her powerful deliverance and her beautiful updates.

    A trend must be started immediately.

43. Sylvie van der Vaart Is Routinely Sexy

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    The seemingly-mundane act of brushing one's teeth has never been this sexy.

    This Dutch model and the wife of footballer Rafael van der Vaart, Sylvie van der Vaart can clearly take any daily routine and turn it into a sexy production.

    True talent.

42. Lauren Pope Has a Girl's Day

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    Apparently glamour girl Lauren Pope wasn't garnering enough attention as the WAG of English footballer Shaun Wright-Phillips, so she decided to go for a seductive swim with her friend Kellie Acreman.

    Getting her first taste at fame as a Page 3 girl before moving to WAG status, Pope has certainly learned to attract any audience.

    Things get quite steamy on this beach.

41. Hope Solo and Alex Morgan Dance the Day Away

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    They may be star soccer players on the U.S. National Team, but Alex Morgan and Hope Solo could sure use some training on the dance floor.

    However, Solo begs to differ as she and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy are still hanging by a thread on Dancing with the Stars through the fifth week.

    Morgan has some catching up to do.

40. Anna Semenovich Is No Madonna

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    After retiring from competitive ice dancing due to injury, the beautiful Anna Semenovich delved into a new field... singing.

    The Russian model sang with Blestyashchie from 2003 to 2007, and then took on a solo career.

    While she garnered fame for competing in the Russian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, it is her sexy music videos that attract the most attention.

    She's certainly on her way to stardom. 

39. Cheering in Slow Motion

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    While the provocative shots of NFL cheerleaders never cease to grab the perfect in-action moments of the game, only a video can truly engage fans fully.

    There's nothing like seeing them mastering their craft.

    How anyone can keep their eyes on the game is baffling.

38. Erin Andrews Gets Down and Dirty

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    While her subjects sport muddy shoulder pads, ripped up shorts and enjoyable smiles, Erin Andrews wears clean-pressed shirts, classy skirts and iconic heels. Seems like the perfect metaphor for her career.

    Until the end, when she decides to join the party.

    The sportscaster makes her adaptation skills known, as she gets down and dirty with her muddy friends.

37. Kendra Wilkinson Is Already a Desperate Housewife

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    The only negative aspect of this production is the movement of the camera, considering Kendra Wilkinson is already moving enough.

    This must be her mating dance, and the movements that attracted her pigskin boyfriend Hank Baskett.

    He is undoubtedly rolling his eyes through the window as he watches her dance in the backyard.

    Not again.

36. Noemie Lenoir Goes Through Her Routine

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    Her accent is sexy, hair always iconic and eyes uniquely engaging.

    French model and actress Noemie Lenoir may have been known for her relationship with International footballer Claude Makélélé, but she continues to open eyes with her riveting photo shoots and attractive interviews.

    She is one of a kind.

35. The Raiderettes Pose with Optimism

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    While the team may be vicious behind stud linebacker Rolando McLain and prolific runner Darren McFadden, and the fanbase covered solely in Black and Silver at all times, their cheerleaders take intense to another level.

    Erica Arana headlines a stellar cast of beauties who clearly know how to relax.

    We doubt that Carson Palmer is even remembering his once-impending retirement.

34. Bella Gonzalez Sweeter Than Sugar

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    While he does have a stellar record of 46-7-1 during his prosperous boxing career, "Sugar" Shane Mosley may garner more attention nowadays for his prolific girlfriend Bella Gonzalez. 

    He has won world titles in three weight divisions, is the former WBA Welterweight Super Champion and had the honor of getting demolished by Manny Pacquiao, but still can't possibly be the more illustrious of the two.

    Mosley picked a good day to visit this model at work.

33. Paris Hilton Rinses off

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    The skeletal socialite and mediocre actress may have been known for her fling with Cristiano Ronaldo, but it's this soapy commercial that is garnering the most attention.

    Carls Jr. certainly has supply and demand figured out, as well as a sexually objective audience that yearns for women eating juicy hamburgers.

    The American dream.

32. Dallas Cheerleaders Are Up Close and Personal

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    Not only do these fans have the best seats in the house, but they are witnessing arguably the most accomplished cheerleading squad in the NFL right in front of their eyes.

    These cheerleaders better be careful, considering there are several elderly gentleman in the crowd there who can have a blood-flow stoppage at any moment if they don't stop drooling.

31. Imogen Thomas Makes a Memory

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    If appearing on the cover of the January 2007 Maxim issue and posing nude for Playboy UK in 2008 wasn't enough, Imogen Thomas made sure she was appreciated by filming an array of sexy photo shoots.

    Once known as Senegalese footballer Ibrahim Sonko's WAG, Thomas was famous before her high-profile conquest.

    She was crowned Miss Wales in 2003, and appeared in the UK version of Big Brother in 2006.

    A memorable act.

30. Alicia Machado Takes a Dip

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    Arguably the biggest loss of outfielder Bobby Abreu's life, Alicia Machado seemingly garners plenty of appreciation on this Latino television program, which clearly doubles as an advertisement with this beauty flaunting herself in and around a hot tub.

    Known as Abreu's ex-fiance, this singer and actress is also a former Miss Universe, the fourth Venezuelan woman to achieve the crown.

    While he continues to hover around .250 during his patrol of right field for the Los Angeles Angels, Machado is evidently selling merchandise one bath at a time.

29. Jessica Alba Is No Lonely Island

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    We're more than happy to be surprised by the appearance of one former WAG of Derek Jeter during this Akon song. 

    While "I Just Had Sex" may be one of her less-provocative shoots, the video is quite realistic in respect to the male mindset.

    Clearly Jessica Alba's most politically correct production.

28. Jessica Simpson Improves the Hilton Car Wash

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    Anything Paris Hilton can do, Jessica Simpson can do better.

    The former unlucky charm of Tony Romo's playoff fiasco and current wife of free agent Tight End Eric Johnson, Simpson always knows how to garner attention.

    Washing a car has never been this fun.

27. Kim Kardashian Is Business Savvy

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    While commercials are often obnoxious and tedious, they improve significantly as the Super Bowl approaches.

    This video seems more like another provocative production by Kim Kardashian, only this time with a seemingly-mute model rather than Ray J.

    It may not influence anyone to buy Sketchers, but it sure does attract our attention.

26. Stacy Keibler Is in Tall Order

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    While her 5'11" stature is quite tall for a female wrestler, making her one of few women in professional wrestling tall enough to step over the middle of three ropes that surround the ring, Stacy Keibler intimidates with sheer beauty and unrelenting aggression.

    A master of her craft.

25. Leryn Franco Enjoys the Wilderness

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    As sexy as the pictures were in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the making of the photo shoot is that much better.

    Seeing javelin thrower Leryn Franco, arguably the most beautiful athlete alive, produce such iconic photos may be the sexiest part of our day.

24. The Sexiest Armbar from Guard of All Time

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    If you were wondering how to do an Armbar from Guard, it's your lucky day as Julie and Michelle from MMA Candy are here to teach us the mechanics.

    While this seems like foreplay, it's undoubtedly their routine during the lunch break.

23. Erica Ellyson Teases the Camera

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    Once rumored to be in a relationship with Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz, the 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year has clearly found her comfort zone.

    While it may be mostly a tease, this video opens up fans' eyes to the potential of Erica Ellyson in regards to the camera.

    This is just the start.

22. Brooklyn Decker Changes Overnight

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    Andy Roddick's 155-mph serve can't possibly steal any of the attention away from his beautiful wife's photo shoots.

    While she may have the most iconic name in the WAG world, it's Brooklyn Decker's provocative endeavors that garner the most attention and respect.

21. Danielle Lloyd Greets the Pole Nicely

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    While she did win 2004 Miss England and 2006 Miss Great Britain, albeit being stripped of the latter when she posed nude for Playboy and had an alleged affair with retired English footballer Teddy Sheringham (a judge), Danielle Lloyd seems most prolific when she owns the stage.

    Despite a seemingly-awkward start to her provocative shoot, Lloyd finds her groove and makes sure the wooden pole knows she's got the moves.


20. Aida Yespica Never Holds Back

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    Once the girlfriend of Italian footballer Matteo Ferrari, Venezuelan beauty queen Aida Yespica seemingly has no problem exposing her emotions to the crowd.

    And her fans are quite grateful.

19. Sable, Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marrie Thank the Soldiers

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    There is clearly no better way to display appreciation to the soldiers overseas than to have wrestlers Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie and Sable participate in a bikini contest.

    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin knows how to get it done right.

    These soldiers must be pleased.

18. Adriana Lima Is a Sexy Chick

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    While it's not quite clear what is happening throughout this video, we are thankful to Akon for finding the perfect model to be featured, yet again.

    Adriana Lima is not only the wife of mediocre baller Marko Jaric, but she's also a Victoria's Secret Angel.

    Now it's clear that being an Angel is hectic.

17. Da'Livia Introduces Herself

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    While we shake our head in response to her being in a Flo-Rida music video, we are thoroughly impressed with the moves and posing prowess of Da'Livia.

    Known as John Wall's WAG, she may begin to garner as much attention as her NBA beau with moves like this. 

    Even when she's still, it's quite moving.

16. Elsa Benitez Stays Relevant

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    While she first gained fame from gracing the cover of the 2001 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Elsa Benitez became immortal when she married Lebanese former NBA baller Rony Seikaly.

    They may be divorced, but this Mexican model is clearly still in the spotlight.

    Impressing the cameras as usual.

15. The Prequel to Seabiscuit

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    While she may not be a hottie in sports, so to speak, this Dallas Cowboys fan just made sure this was the most memorable moment of this man's life.

    Perhaps this was a testament to the play of Jerry Jones' team, considering they went 6-10 in front of an optimistic crowd.

    This will certainly be the most memorable moment for the cameramen.

14. Arianny Celeste Is a Fan Favorite

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    The true definition of a keeper.

    Known as the most beautiful part of MMA, Arianny Celeste was naturally voted "Ring Girl of the Year" at the 2010 MMA Awards, but that's not why she's beloved by all her fans. 

    Celeste may be famous for her nude poses in Playboy, as well as her appearances in Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated and Fighter's Only Magazine, but she's big with the teenagers too.

    MMA fan Conner Cordova asked Celeste to attend his prom with him. She said yes and, while she couldn't make the prom or another dance because of scheduling conflicts, joined him at an event created by Cordova and herself, which was also a fundraiser for victims of the Haiti Earthquake.


13. Jennifer Walcott Is the Hardest Hitter in the NFL

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    This may be the weirdest video ever made. It also may be the sexiest.

    With her interest in martial arts, it seems as if NFL safety Adam Archuleta's wife has found her zen state, as well as self confidence in herself.

    Arguably the sexiest WAG alive.

12. Vida Guerra Is Also a Comedian

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    The Cuban-born American model may have been in the sports world for dating current Carolina Panthers Tight End Jeremy Shockey, but Vida Guerra is seemingly taking her beauty to other venues.

    Not only does Dave Chappelle complete a memorable imitation of R. Kelly, but he gets one of the sexiest former WAGs to attempt a strip-tease on stage.

    Perfect combination.

11. Claudia Sampedro Ends All Doubts

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    This should undoubtedly help Reggie Bush get over the recently-married Kim Kardashian.

    Allegedly a Bush flame, Claudia Sampedro can seemingly make any man forget his regrettable past.

    Hopefully current girlfriend Melissa Molinaro can also make one of these videos for the Dolphins running back and his fans.

10. Gisele Bundchen Comes Through in the Clutch

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    Watching his beautiful Brazilian-model girlfriend prance around the beach may be a more intense moment for Tom Brady than any time during his three Super Bowl wins, and more rewarding than either one of his two Super Bowl MVPs.

    While all of the above is nice as well, Brady is undoubtedly realizing that Gisele Bundchen may be more athletic than him.

9. Jessica Biel Makes Jaws Drop

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    While it may be old news, fans are more than pleased that Derek Jeter once made this beauty his WAG, as it now makes her a constant on all-time WAG lists.

    This strip is only a small example of how zealous Jessica Biel is on stage and how exhilarating her moves are.

    While her role in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry was breathtaking, these parts fit her better.

8. Jenn Sterger Is Professionally Sexy

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    After garnering attention as arguably the sexiest college football fan in the world, the FSU Cowgirl made the transition to sports journalism.

    She became Gameday Host for the New York Jets, where she dealt with an obsessive fan who had to evidently be restrained.

    By restrained, we mean Brett Favre needed his cell phone confiscated.

7. Alana Blanchard Enjoys the Day

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    If we needed any more proof that God is a guy, here it is.

    Not only can she shred better than most male surfers, but Alana Blanchard is sexy just being herself.

    This is seemingly her everyday routine.

6. Eva Longoria Is Longing for More

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    Every provocative, yet amazing shot of Eva Longoria makes fans undoubtedly detest San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker just a bit more.

    Easily the biggest and most crucial miss in his career was losing this Desperate Housewives star.

5. Minka Kelly Is Making a Strong Case

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    While most fans are hoping that the new Charlie's Angel star rejoins the WAG world as Derek Jeter's other half, there are those who are just yearning for another shot of Minka Kelly locking lips with a female co-star.

    Both would be preferable.

4. The Sexiest Fantasy Football Picks Ever

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    This is by far the most perfect way to hear all one's fantasy news and updates. On the other hand, concentration may be an issue. 

    It's safe to say that most viewers couldn't possibly tell you any of the facts that were noted during the episode.

    Entertaining, but not so effective.

3. Arianny Celeste Gets Juicy

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    Saying this is the ultimate fantasy is quite the understatement, although Bud Light Lime really hit gold with this one.

    As if she wasn't sexy enough in still shots, UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste entertains her fans with a wide array of sweet nothings that all equally excite.

    She is the ultimate catch.

2. Zahia Dehar Stuck in the Cat Cave

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    Being known as French footballer Franck Ribery's teenage prostitute, among others, Zahia Dehar seemingly wants to transition to a respectable model.

    While it may not be the perfect start, the cat cave is quite the iconic and memorable beginning to a promising career.

    She's making an early impression.

1. Jessica Alba Gets Down to Brass Tacks

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    While Derek Jeter seemingly figures things out with Minka Kelly, many fans must be wondering why he didn't try to make this former flame part of his life forever.

    Known as a sex symbol, Jessica Alba has appeared on the "Hot 100" section of Maxim, was No. 1 on AskMen.com's list of "99 Most Desirable Women" in 2006 and was "Sexiest Woman in the World" by FHM in 2007.

    She can apparently strip with the best of them as well.