TNA Wrestling: Changes on Impact Are Finally Going to Make Sense...I Think

David LevinSenior Writer IIOctober 20, 2011

If you have already read Chris Mueller's story this week about the major changes on Impact Wrestling, then you know there are big things in store for both faces and heels within the company.

My only question is, why?

Not so much why are they happening, because they need to, but why are they happening the way they are and to the wrestlers involved?

Some things don't make any sense. Or do they?

I think the creative team at TNA is finally on to something here with a new angle that may surprise us all, but it may be a long time coming. And they don't only affect champions, stables and PPV events, they affect the future of the company.

If it is true that Kurt Angle, who is injured, drops the title to James Storm tonight on Impact and he becomes the new TNA World Champion, doesn't that set up nicely for a feud between Storm and Jeff Hardy, or Storm and his tag team partner, Bobby Roode?

I see the Storm/Hardy angle more viable right now. I love Bobby Roode and I love the fact he got the push, but honestly, Storm is more charismatic and more animated in the ring. Roode is great on the mic, but he also has seemed a bit tentative with this story angle while chasing Angle for the title.

You have to stick with what will sell. Fans were pissed on the PPV when Angle won, like it was Roode's title all along. Storm had been in the wings waiting. It makes sense to first dissolve Beer Money and have the two friends battle it out for supremacy of the company with Hardy being the chink in the armor and the connection to the two.

This is not a new angle, my friends. We see this all the time and there is a history of this type of angle in this business. Friends becoming foes (Orton/Christian, Luger/Windham, Dusty Rhodes/Manny Fernandez). My only issue with it is that Roode is pushed aside, or does he get a shot at glory again?

And while all this is taking place, there are still more questions over how the new creative team will deal with giving the younger talent more opportunities to showcase what they can really do.

It will be an interesting Thursday, that's for sure, brother!