The 30 Hottest Golfers

Matt MartinezCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2011

The 30 Hottest Golfers

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    Girls who play tennis are hot; there's no denying that. Girls who play golf are much hotter. Don't believe me? Oh, you will.

    Take this opening picture for example. That's Natalie Gulbis. You'll see her again soon. She's super-hot. But, is she the hottest of the hot? You'll just have to wait and see.

    Without the Golf Babes blog, this list wouldn't be possible. So, check them out once you experience the hottest 30 golfers on the planet.

30. Beatriz Recari

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    Beatriz hails from Pamplona, Spain—the same place where bulls run rampant in the streets once a year.

    I don't think any of us would have a problem with Beatriz chasing us down.

29. Carling Coffing

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    You might remember Carling from Golf Channel's Big Break: Sandals Resort 2010.

    How come I never see a stunning woman when I'm trying to get out of a sand trap?

28. Paula Creamer

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    "The Pink Panther" needs to wear shirts like this as much as humanly possible on the links.

    Creamer won the U.S. Women's Open in 2010, netting her a cool $585,000.

27. Cristie Kerr

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    Cristie may be 34, but she has collected over $13 million in career winnings.

    Too bad she's married, guys. She might have been the one.

26. Elena Robles

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    A veteran of two seasons of Golf Channel's Big Break, Elena is still trying to make her first LPGA cut. Too bad they don't take a couple of strokes off for looking incredible.

25. Michelle Wie

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    Perhaps the best-known female golfer in the world, Michelle was the youngest player to qualify for a USGA amateur event. She was 10.

    The phenom has made a couple million bucks on tour and she has a winning smile to go along with it.

24. Ryann O'Toole

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    Another Big Break contestant, Ryan has won three Futures Tour titles.

    Recently, O'Toole competed in the 2011 Solheim Cup. Too bad she didn't do so in that skimpy bikini.

23. Sara Brown

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    Sara just got her LPGA card! Hooray!

    I think we all can get excited to see this delectable blonde on tour. That is, if we watched women's golf.

22. Briana Vega

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    Hey, another Big Break contestant! Maybe I should start watching this show.

    Bri actually won her season and has spent time on the Futures Tour.

21. Danielle Montgomery

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    To catch this dirty blonde, you'll have to catch a Ladie's European Tour event.

    No surprise that Danielle is Australian. It's like they breed hot chicks down there.

20. Claudine Foong

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    To the great white north for this hard body, Claudine Foong. Wow.

    The golf glove is a necessary touch.

19. Tina Miller

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    Tina gained notoriety on Big Break: Kaanapali. Since then, she has been seen in cutoff white tank tops and sexy shorts.

18. Kristina Tucker

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    This former Swedish champion appeared on Big Break: Hawaii. I think she might be teeing us up. Duck!

17. Jenna Daniels

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    This appears to be some kind of creepy family photo. But, it's the kind of family I want to join.

16. May Wood

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    Look guys, a real-live angel! May Wood hasn't played anywhere recently due to injury, but I'm sure we would all take her in our foursome.

15. Caroline Larsson

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    This Swedish beauty was on Big Break, too. You see a trend working here. Time to set that DVR, fellas.

14. Carlie Butler

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    You've got to love the Aussies, and Carlie is no exception. Somebody get this woman a meal!

13. Perry Swenson

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    I'm sure you'll be flabbergasted to find out Perry went to the University of Texas.

    The Longhorn is currently on the Futures Tour and plays occasionally in LPGA events.

12. Stefanie Michl

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    This Austrian-born player is hot. And I mean literally hot.

    I know those are workout clothes, but that glisten is ridiculous.

11. Melissa Reid

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    This English beauty has been earning a six-figure income on the European Tour since 2008.

    She can take care of us, guys. There's no shame in letting her.

10. Laura Baugh

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    Laura might not look like this now, but why not toss in a vintage '70s shot? Tell me you wouldn't hold her hand through the mall.

    Yeah, that's what I thought.

9. Marousa Polias

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    Marousa plays on both the Aussie Tour and the European Tour. She also plays in my dreams every night.

    Forget about her missing attire, check out the volume she's getting with her shampoo!

8. Bridget Dwyer

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    Bridget was named the Most Inspirational Player at UCLA. She also won "best body" and "most seductive eyes."

7. Christina Lecuyer

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    Christina is helping put Canada on this countdown with this sassy pose.

    I don't know who she's smiling at, but she certainly sees a dentist regularly. 

6. Sophie Horn

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    GQ Magazine's resident golf expert, Sophie Horn, has been playing the game her entire life.

    She's a TV presenter and obviously some kind of model. Looks like she's got a little attitude.

5. Anna Grzebien

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    Even if you hate Duke, you've got to love this '07 Psychology major.

    Anna made the tour on her first attempt. What do you expect from the overachieving Dukies?

4. Blair O'Neal

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    With just over $5,200 in career winnings, Blair isn't exactly setting the LPGA on fire. She is, conversely, setting our hearts on fire with her perfectly sculpted body.

3. Maria Verchenova

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    Maria's got the kind of look that makes you want to give Communism a try. Legs for days, yo.

2. Anna Rawson

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    Anna Rawson's play has been declining as of late, but apparently her time at the gym has not.

1. Natalie Gulbis

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    Who's hotter than Natalie Gulbis? FHM did the world a favor with their sexy photoshoot of everyone's favorite female golfer, so we all owe them a little gratitude.

    Gulbis is a good player, too. She's won a truckload of money, and the Sacramento native is still unmarried. Somebody lock that down!