A New Bleacher Report Tradition: Coverage on a Nationwide Level

Chris BrowneCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

Let's face it, anyone who's been to a live show for the WWE knows that there's a lot of aspects that the camera doesn't capture. For instance, I reside in South Jersey, but it's mostly a Philly suburb. Philly has an absolutely crazy DX fan base, bigger in my opinion than any other city in the U.S. 

Now, I know I'm not the only one who still goes to shows. But what about starting a new tradition up on B/R, where we cover the behind-the-scenes aspects of shows that people watching from home don't get to see? 

Hell, a lot of the crowd reaction is dubbed over for T.V. airtime anyways, but why not have extra feedback, to see how different cities react to different superstars?

I'll be covering Raw tomorrow night from Philly, just in time for the Slammys too. But I'm putting out the idea to start live coverage now. Hopefully, I'll have some good feedback.