Florida Gators Have Not Seen an Offense Like the Sooner's

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

You will hear for the next month, over and over, that OU has not faced a defense like Florida's.  That may be true, but the shoe is on the other foot as well.  Florida has not faced an Offense like OU's.

The truth is that no one ever has in the history of bowl games.  OU has scored 704 more points than any other team in college football history. 

Many naysayers will say OU ran up the score, which may be true, but OU has left a lot of points on the field.  OU could have scored 100 on Kansas state, 90 on Texas A&M, 80 on Nebraska, and 70 on Texas Tech.

We all know that defense wins championships, and that is why the SEC does so well in the BCS bowls. While Florida has one of the best defenses of the year, OU has one of the best offenses that has ever played the game. 

That is why my initial reaction is to give OU a slight edge in the game over Florida.