The New York Mets Need a Makeover

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

Omar Minaya has been very quiet so far this offseason. The hot stove has been more like a freezer to the Mets, who haven't made any moves to better there team for 2009.

Everyday that passes by with no Mets signings is making me feel that this team is going to be practically the same as the '08 squad and maybe even worse! (If they don't resign or replace Ollie.)

With the Winter Meetings beginning tomorrow, Omar Minaya needs to put on his thinking cap and figure out a way to improve the team so that they don't blow the season on the very last game of the year for a third straight time.

Omar doesn't even have that much work to do. Nearly all of our starting position players are already in place, and he has two good closers in Fuentes and K-Rod to choose between, but it is the little things that Omar does that is what I'm most worried about.

Here is my opinion of what Omar's goals should be in the winter meetings:

He MUST find a way to get decent arms in the bullpen.

Finding an upgrade over Schnieder behind the plate would be nice.

DON'T Trade Nick Evans! I believe he can be the starting first baseman in 2010.

DUMP Castillo and bring in Orlando Hudson!


It's going to be same ol' story for the Mets in '09 if they don't ATTEMPT to make some kind of change of personnel.

If the only change they make is bringing in a closer, then the Mets will once again miss the postseason because now their starting pitching will be much weaker, especially if they don't get a front-line starter to replace Perez or Pedro.