Nick Diaz Almost No-Shows Another Conference Call, Dana White Forced to Take It

Darren WongSenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2011

Proof that Nick Diaz has actually attened a press conference before.
Proof that Nick Diaz has actually attened a press conference before.

Following the unfortunate injury to Georges St-Pierre, the UFC organized an emergency conference call to help promote the change that sees BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz elevated to main event status. There was only one problem: Somebody forgot to tell Nick Diaz (supposedly).

Diaz finally dialed in to the call 45 minutes late, a time after which some UFC conference calls are already done.  His predictably lame excuse? He didn't know about the call until 15 minutes beforehand.

If that's truly the case, the fault lies with his mentor and manager Cesar Gracie, according to Josh Gross, who tweeted.

"If Nick told the truth that he didn't know there was a call then blame Cesar Gracie. He knew. He told me about it yesterday afternoon."

If Diaz is telling the truth, then his manager is really dropping the ball.

However, at this point, Diaz's antics will probably sell more than him actually acting professional, so people might approve of them from an "ends justifies the means" perspective.  Missing conference calls is nothing new to Diaz, who has missed conference calls, press conferences, and other media events on frequent occasion during his MMA career.

Whatever the case, with GSP sidelined, Dana White and the rest of the UFC brass have little choice but to eat what Nick Diaz is willing to give them, because at this point, they've got no other option. 

That's power in the hands of Nick Diaz.

So here we have a situation where White, famous for vindictiveness and dispensing his own brand of justice, is forced to stand by and watch as Diaz flaunts his new found freedom.

Diaz could probably give White the finger right now and White would be forced to pretend that Diaz is waving him a friendly "hello."


Conference Call Odds and Ends

BJ Penn said that he's okay with fighting Diaz for five rounds instead of three as long as he's compensated for it.  He also indicated that Cesar Gracie should provide that compensation.

This kind of makes sense because Gracie was the main driving force behind the movement to make the fight a five rounder.  Pressing the issue forced Penn to either accept the extra rounds or look like a coward. Penn is righteously none-too-happy about it.

When Nick Diaz finally arrived on call he went into another Diazesque "me vs. the world" rant about how nobody can beat him and something about $100, 000. It wasn't very intelligible, but it's bound to be heavily quoted in the next few days as another example of Diaz being Diaz.

Diaz also said that he thinks BJ Penn is quite simply a better fighter than St-Pierre.