Where Have These Eagles Been?

Luke SullivanContributor IDecember 7, 2008

In the last two weeks, the Eagles we all expected to see showed up. They dominated 2 NFC division leaders and have run a balanced offense. Against the Giants, the 20-14 score was merely lipstick on a pig for the supposedly amazing Giants team. Reid came out with a gameplan and executed, mainly meaning he stuck with the run.

They were the dominant physical team with Dawkins roughing up Kevin Boss, the D stuffing the run and the offense converting on 3rd down and moving the ball effectively. They looked like the pre-season superbowl pick that everyone was making them out to be. It is a shock that this team tied the one-win Bengals.

However, it may be too little too late. They need to win out in order to even have a shot at a wildcard spot. The Eagles never play with urgency unless they need too and that is by no means a plus for the team. This season is eerily familiar to the '06 season where they were seemingly finished at 5-6, won out and seized the division title.

Although playoffs are in sight, would making the playoffs really be the best thing for the future of the team?

Now this may seem ridiculous, but a playoff berth would certainly keep McNabb as QB and Andy Reid as Coach, in other wordsthe same regime. I believe that making the playoffs would stunt the growth of Kolb and keep a mediocre coach at the helm. Although I am rooting for them to win out and make the playoffs, it may not be the best thing for the franchise.

I am anxious to see what others think as well.