IWC Analysis: John Cena Can't Wrestle

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IWC Analysis: John Cena Can't Wrestle
This is a typical example of IWC propaganda.

Some believe the Internet Wrestling Community is destroying wrestling, while others believe they are a vital section of modern fans who provide feedback, whether it be praise or criticism, in a blunt but appropriate manner. Whatever the case, they are a group of people who, despite different backgrounds, ages, genders and ethnicities, are united in their love of professional wrestling, which prompts them to analyse every aspect of it in minute detail.

For example, I and every other WWE writer on Bleacher Report are part of this community. And I must say, it feels good to belong. Hopefully we are not like those rare few who ply the vast realms of the worldwide web with vitriolic diatribes about their most-hated wrestlers. Whatever the case, we strive to air our opinions in an articulate and reasonable manner, spawning articles like this.

In this series, creatively named IWC Analysis, I will analyse some of the IWC's most-prolific, most-publicised opinions. As someone who likes to ease themselves into a process, I have started with one that isn't quite known to the wrestling community; in fact, I myself had to be informed that this was an opinion of the IWC, albeit one that is rarely referenced or debated since most of the online wrestling community aren't concerned with it. Apparently though, a rare few feel John Cena can't wrestle.

So, in this, the first edition of IWC Analysis, I will attempt to answer the age-old question:

Can John Cena wrestle?

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