The Gods Of Baseball

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The Gods Of Baseball

 I am now addicted to comparing players to different things. This one has different Greek Gods and which baseball players would be them.


Zeus---Ty Cobb

The chief of the gods and the chief of baseball a perfect match. Arguably, if not definitely, the best player in all of baseball.

Poseidon---Hank Aaron 

Poseidon was the god of water which is a huge part of the world (obviously). Being the all time leader of RBI's is a huge record to hold too.

Hades---Reggie Jackson

The Underworld was a place no one ever wanted to go. The career strike out record is also something no one wants and I hate to put Mr. October on here as a bad thing but stats don't lie.

Ares---Walter Johnson

The god of war. The god of starting wars. Johnson has the career record for hit batsman.

Hermes---Rickey Henderson

Speed,speed,speed. Hermes had speed and apparently so did the career leader for stolen bases with 1406 when the next closest person had 938. Phew, that's fast.

Hercules---Babe Ruth

Power and strength. Hercules was powerful and so was the great bambino.

Kronos--- A-Rod

Kronos was a titan and was the youngest of them all. Alex has broken a lot of records by being the youngest to do so.

Atlas--- Cal Ripken Jr.

Atlas lead the titans into battle against the gods. Ripken led the Oriels into battle for 2131 straight games.

Apollo---Tim Lincecum

Apollo was a key catalyst for the gods. Lincecum looks to be one for the Giants for a while.

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