Brian Westbrook Beats Giants in Meadowlands

Phil KohenCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

As a follow-up to my earlier post, the Eagles completed their big win against the Giants, 20-14.

It wasn't even that close as the Giants got a "no meaning" score in the last two minutes.

One of the big story lines of this game was that the Giants defense allowed too many third conversions. At one point the Giants allowed nine out of 13 third down conversions.

They also had only one possession in the third quarter with the wind. 

Eli Manning did not have a stellar game but he was not helped much by his receivers.  Domenick Hixon dropped an absolutely perfect pass from Manning early in the game that would not have given the Eagles defensive unit any momentum.

Was Hixon feeling the pressure now knowing that he was replacing Burress for the remainder of the season? Where was Amani Toomer? The most veteran receiver on the squad should have been more involved in the passing game to take some of the heat off of Hixon.

To add insult to injury, Brandon Jacobs hurt his knee.

So was it the Plaxico effect or looking towards next week's game against Dallas?

I am rooting for Pittsburgh to take some of the sting out of today's bad game against the Eagles.