Looking Back On The Lloyd Carr Era

Robert MacDonaldContributor IDecember 7, 2008

While I'm sure I wasn't the only supporter of Lloyd Carr, I heard many times how he should have been fired. 

How poor he was for the University of Michigan. 

How he couldn't win against Ohio State.

And how he couldn't win the big games.

Let me be clear in saying that I'm a fan of Rich Rod.  If we couldn't continue having Lloyd Carr coaching, there are few other people I can think I would have wanted more than Rich Rod.

Michigan is a University based on tradition.  The greatest tradition in all of college football.  Something Lloyd was deeply involved in.  In the days since Rich Rodriguez has gotten the job, he's made it his goal to change tradition.  Something some Michigan players and fans have frowned upon.

Lloyd was blasted for his record in bowl games.  He was 6-7 in his career.  He was also blasted for his records against Ohio State.  He was also 6-7 in his career versus Ohio State.

What many Michigan and college football fans don't seem to realize is that it isn't all about National Championships and beating your main rival. 

When he retired, he had one of the highest winning percentages among active coaches.  He led Michigan to five Big 10 titles, as well as the National Title in 1997. 

His teams ended the season ranked all but one season.  He led Michigan to four straight bowl game victories, something no other Michigan coach had ever done.  He finished with a winning record against all of Michigan's rivals, aside from Ohio State. 

Lloyd was more like a father than a coach to many of his players.  There are a great number of former Michigan players that stay in touch with Coach Carr til this day. 

He was always known for his high moral character.  He was never involved in any scandals, nor has he ever had any major NCAA violations. 

I've never met Lloyd Carr personally, so I can't tell you from experience how great a person or coach he was.  I definitely feel as though he was great for the University of Michigan, as well as preserving tradition. 

The team produced NFL caliber players year in and year out.  He's one of the main reasons Michigan was known as 'Quarterback U.'

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to what Rich Rod is going to do with U of M.  I wouldn't mind seeing an exciting system, with exciting players.  That's something Michigan hasn't had during my lifetime.  I still miss Lloyd Carr and everything he stood for.