A New House: Build It Right and They Will Come

Ethel LairContributor IDecember 7, 2008

As a life long New York Yankee fan, which is now well over 50 years, I have seen many players come and go.

Most everyone was excited to play for the Yankees. The history of the team and the winning success it had spoke for itself. They always treated their players right and even when there were some stormy times they always kissed and made up.

It seems to me, no one is biting the bit to come to the Yankees as they did when George was the boss. Hank and Hall together will never be their dad and never be the true boss! I think Brian has lost his touch unless he does something big at the Winter Meetings or even before when he meets with CC.

Last year we're going with youth and we see where that took us. Now its open the wallet and sign big names again. Make up your mind Yankee brass!

Sorry to use the arch rival Red Sox as and example Brian and company, but look at what kind of teams they have put together and maybe you can learn from them.

They have a great core of youth and veterans and mainly a solid starting five or more in the rotation every year! When we were winning championships in the 90's it was because of our pitching.

Offense will come around if you have solid pitching. When was the last time we had a solid rotation you could count on? Say maybe 2000?

I'm not sure which pitcher would be a good fit as they all have their up and down side. Most of the starters available this years are veterans with proven records, but with that comes the risk of the injury and the age factor.

I think Andy should come back for one more year and not expect the money he had last year.We then need at least 2 if not three more reliable starters.

As Joe Torre always said you can never have too much pitching. CC is probably the best starter available. It would be great if he signs, but we all thought that about Carl Pavano and others that had big name status & great success elsewhere.

NY is a different place to play. Not everyone can make it there like the songs says "If you can make it there you can make it anywhere".

I am not a Manny fan, but wouldn't that be something with A-Rod followed by Manny followed by, followed by etc. If they signed Tex too wow what a wallop that would be line up wise. However, we need to not dream about those guys, but Brian best get a rotation that can win or we will be sitting again next October!

So, Brian you best not be all talk and take more action. Wallet open will not be enough. You need to sell New York as New York does not sell just because its the New York Yankees any more.

Sorry to say this but baseball, as we all know, is nothing more than a money racket. Everyone tries to out do the other.

They wait to see how much money others get. Mr. Boras has a lot to do with that where many of the players are concerned. Players no longer playing for the love or the history of the game! They would not play if they got the money even the best players received years ago.

I think Cano will be fine. He is still relatively young and so is Melky, but we do need a good arm in center field. I think the signing of Xavier Nady and this year Nick Swisher were good moves. I think Nick will do well at first base.

I thought though they should have kept Bobby Abreu at least for one more year. Sorry to see Jason go but I guess it was for the best.

Now we will all wait with baited breath (not holding it ) to see what Brian accomplishes this coming week and how things go between now and spring training.

I will miss the Old House That Ruth Built, but lets stop looking back all the time and count to 26 but work toward "27" and lets do it this year. I believe in my Yankees and No. 27 Manager Joe Girardi deserves our support as well as the rest if the cast!

I'll say it now by faith without a lot of facts yet. New York Yankees 2009 opening the new "House" with a championship! You gotta believe. That may not be a "Yogism" but I'm sure he has one to suit the new House as He was a big part of many championship teams. We will not look back but look ahead to a new House and a new winning dynasty!