Brandon Lloyd to Rams: Why New WR Will Make Sam Bradford's Job Easier

Mike Moraitis@@michaelmoraitisAnalyst IOctober 19, 2011

Brandon Lloyd to Rams: Why New WR Will Make Sam Bradford's Job Easier

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    Right before the trade deadline, the St. Louis Rams pulled off a trade for Denver Broncos' wide receiver, Brandon Lloyd. It was a deal that saw the Rams only giving up a sixth-round pick that could become a fifth-round at best.

    Not a bad deal to bring in a No. 1 receiver.

    The addition of Lloyd to the Rams receiving core will certainly make Sam Bradford's job easier, and here's why.

Bradford Finally Has a No. 1 Receiver

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    For the first six weeks of the NFL season, Sam Bradford has been throwing to a bunch of mediocre receivers who drop passes left and right. That's never a good thing for a quarterback who is still developing like Bradford.

    The entrance of Brandon Lloyd, last year's leading receiver, to the Rams' passing attack is a huge plus for the second-year quarterback.

    Lloyd instantly gives Bradford a No. 1 receiver to throw to and is a guy who you can rely on to throw the ball to in a big spot.

    Every quarterback needs a No. 1 receiver, especially a developing QB, and Bradford might have finally gotten his man.

Lloyd Will Take Attention off Other Receivers

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    The Rams have a decent core of receivers that look much worse when there isn't a top receiver amongst them.

    The addition of Brandon Lloyd changes that.

    Lloyd will almost always command a double team, and that will take attention off guys like Danario Alexander and Brandon Gibson to name a few.

    With the double team, Bradford should have an easier time finding an open man on a regular basis.

Lloyd Will Give the Rams Big-Play Ability

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    Brandon Lloyd was the NFL's leading wide receiver during the 2010 season.

    That being said, Lloyd also proved to be a big-play receiver as well.

    Lloyd was near the top of the league in not only catches of 20 and 40 yards or more but in first downs as well. Not to mention, with his speed, he can create the space necessary to make big plays.

    His nose for the first down marker will also help the Rams move the ball down the field more efficiently and his average of 90 yards per game last year means he will be a factor every Sunday if given the chance.

Will Lloyd Make a Maximum Impact This Year?

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    It's impossible to imagine that Brandon Lloyd will single-handedly make the Rams a better team right away. The Rams are 0-5 for several reasons, not just their receiving core.

    That being said, don't expect there to be too much of an impact this season. The Rams still have major issues with their offensive line as Bradford has been sacked more times than any quarterback in football.

    It doesn't matter how many top receivers you have going out for passes, if you have no time to throw the ball, it means nothing.

    Lloyd will help make Bradford better without a doubt, but until the Rams fix their offensive line issues, you won't see the full extent of what a Bradford and Lloyd connection will mean to St. Louis.