Carson Palmer to Raiders: Why Oakland Had to Reach for Veteran Quarterback

George SeligaCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2011

Carson Palmer to Raiders: Why Oakland Had to Reach for Veteran Quarterback

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    Carson Palmer was a retired quarterback 24 hours ago. Now he is suiting up in the silver and black and could potentially be the starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs.

    This was a huge move that has a lot of effects on a lot of different people. Here are five reasons why the Raiders had to reach for the veteran quarterback.

No. 5: Carson Is a Franchise Quarterback

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    Carson Palmer was arguably a top-five quarterback when healthy. His numbers were always at the top and he led a Bengals team to two playoff games.

    The Raiders haven't been to a playoff game in over a decade and struggled to find a good quarterback until they got Jason Campbell.

    With Campbell now injured the Raiders have seized the opportunity to grab a better option at the quarterback position

No. 4: This Trade Makes the Offense Better

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    The Raider offense has now gotten better with the addition of Carson Palmer. Jason Campbell was a good quarterback for the Oakland offense, but Palmer could be even better.

    Carson has the arm to throw the deep ball which is a key part of the Raiders offense. If you combine this vertical passing game with one of the best rushing attacks, this offense can  be very deadly.

No. 3: Oakland Is Now a Super Bowl Contender

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    With adding a veteran quarterback like Palmer, Oakland has increased their chances to win a super-bowl. He has led the Bengals to two playoff games and is always ranked high in all of the passing categories.

    Carson has great leadership skills which will flow through the entire team. If he can establish a good chemistry with his offense, we can see big numbers being put up by the Raiders.

    With a solid defense and a great offense, the Raiders have all of the players that makes a winning team.

No. 2: the Time Is Now

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    The Raiders want to win, and they want to win now. They currently sit at 4-2 and have a chance at winning the AFC West.

    With the loss of Jason Campbell, their season was at risk and they were not sure if Kyle Boller would be able to lead this Raider offense for the rest of the season.

    They reached up and grabbed Palmer because he gave them the best shot at winning a Super Bowl.

No. 1 : Carson Is the Future of This Franchise

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    Carson Palmer is now the leader and immediate future of this offense. They have young talented receivers and running backs that can help him win. The Raiders feel that they can get great production out of Palmer for the next four years, and he can lead them to the promise land.

    This is a very risky trade especially if the Raiders have to give up two first-round picks. If Carson can come here and instantly win, I see this trade as being a major success.