WWE: Timing Is Key for a John Cena Heel Turn

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIOctober 19, 2011

For what seems like an eternity, members of the IWC have been clamoring for a John Cena heel turn. His character has become so stale and predictable that almost every wrestling fan not wearing diapers has grown tired of his act.

Now I agree with my peers in that Cena’s heel turn is long past due; however, I disagree that the timing should occur during the already played out “conspiracy theory” angle.

I know that we wrestling fans are supposed to suspend our belief on reality in these increasingly weak storylines, but are we really supposed to believe that the company man John Cena is going to go Hulk Hogan on us and turn his back on the fans?


When Cena turns heel (and trust me he will), it needs to be momentous and shocking, and to be perfectly frank, so many people are expecting Cena to turn before this current angle plays out that it would lose most of its luster.

Another reason why the WWE should hold off on a Cena turn, especially now, is because the WCW did the same thing with Hogan and the NWO.

Now that was a shock.

If Cena was to turn heel and join forces with the Miz and R-Truth and the conspiracy, it would solidify that the WWE writers are the laziest people on earth. They ruined a perfectly good storyline in order to mirror the NWO, and turning Cena now would solidfy that this was nothing more than the NWO 2.0.

Not surprisingly, the WWE has written itself into a corner. Everyone knows full well that as we get closer to Wrestlemania the fans will turn on Cena and favor The Rock regardless of who is playing the face or the heel.

Fortunately, the WWE has gotten lucky thanks to the Second City Saint. With the rise of CM Punk as the WWE’s new No. 1 merchandise mover, the transition is going to become easier.

With pay-per-view buys and ratings dropping faster than Enron stock, the WWE has to avoid the “hot-shotting” syndrome it has been falling victim to since the Money in the Bank PPV.

This turn needs to play out over the next few months, and I’m sure Survivor Series will go a long way in getting us started on the Road to Wrestlemania.

Hopefully by the time the Royal Rumble rolls around, we will see something so shocking and unpredictable that we will have to pinch ourselves.

A John Cena heel turn.

I want John Cena’s heel turn to be something that we will remember in the model of Hogan’s heel turn. I don’t want him to mirror Hogan’s turn. Maybe I’m just asking too much.

Hell, Cena probably won’t even turn heel anyway.