Giants Players Shoot Selves in Foot—Literally and Metaphorically

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Giants Players Shoot Selves in Foot—Literally and Metaphorically

Plaxico Burress might have literally shot himself last week, but the Giants as a whole did just the same by missing a big opportunity to clinch the NFC East and a bye week Sunday afternoon.

Right away, the Giants looked like they weren't prepared. On a 2nd-and-short, they did an end-around that results in a 12-yard loss. On fourth down on that drive, Eli Manning threw a pass so wobbly it made his left handed pass against the Rams seem like highlight material.

OK, fine. Move on. Next possession, Derrick Ward had a strong 9.5-yard run. On the next to plays, only needing half a yard, instead of running full steam ahead, they tossed the ball on a pitch out to their backs, who lost yardage on consecutive plays.   

Alright, another punt. Manning then threw a long bomb right on target to Domenik Hixon, who dropped it like a hot potato. That would have been an easy touchdown and would have given them something to build on.

Hixon mustn't have been satisfied with one drop. When the Giants were in Eagles territory at the end of the half, he seemingly had it and they were in business. But not so fast. It was not to be, as he made sure the Giants dropped more passes than Al Davis does coaches.

The Giants weren't the only ones making errors. As the first quarter was counting down, a timeout was called. Assuming that it was Tom Coughlin calling it, they complimented him on his strategy of making the Eagles try the field goal attempt into the wind. What they didn't know was that the Eagles called timeout so they could kick AGAINST the wind.

As I write this, the Cowboys have yet to play and, if they lose, the East will be the Giants'. But the way the Giants lost, they just seemed lost.

Of course they'll deny the impact of Burress' absence, but you can't argue with what we saw. None of the receivers seemed ready or even like they wanted to take his place. They have won without Plaxico before. But now knowing that they'll have to win without him, I have my doubts.

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