5 Players Who Could Make the Green Bay Packers Even Better

Jake WinieckiCorrespondent IIIOctober 21, 2011

5 Players Who Could Make the Green Bay Packers Even Better

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    It's hard to believe just looking at the record and the stats, but if you watch the games and know this team, you can see how it can still improve.

    Of course we know the No. 1 thing that can be improved is the defense. The fact that it does have the ability to climb back among the ranks of the top defenses in the NFL is a scary thought to say the least.  

    There are ways in which the offense can improve as well. That may be harder for people to believe, but it is true. The Packers lead the league in scoring at 32.8 points per game. I think they are capable of scoring even more.

    Overall, the Green Bay Packers are just fine where they are now, but they can improve. These are the top five players who could help the Packers do that.

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5. Alex Green (RB)

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    This is definitely more of a luxury than a necessity, but nonetheless, installing Alex Green into this offense would be a nice addition.

    The one thing this offense lacks is a true third-down back. James Starks and Ryan Grant have done a nice job receiving; hauling in a combined 22 receptions for 165 yards, but I have to think that they could be getting more out of that position.

    Alex Green, a University of Hawaii product, posses true third-down back capabilities. I don't really know how good of a blocker he is, but he can't be any worse than Starks and Grant are.

    Overall, the Packers certainly don't need this added dimension to their already dominant offense, but you never know what could happen as the season goes on, so it'd be nice to have that added option.

4. John Kuhn (FB)

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    John Kuhn hasn't been used as often as he was last year and that is for the most part a good thing. The reason being that they haven't needed to use him as much more than a fullback this season because of the improved run game.

    However, like with Alex Green, getting him going a little more could be a nice addition to this already potent offense. Kuhn is an absolute stud in short-yardage situations, which can help to open up the field a little more for Aaron Rodgers and company.

3. Mike Neal (DL)

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    Mike Neal was supposed to replace Cullen Jenkins as their main pass-rushing defensive lineman. Unfortunately, he has been recovering from knee surgery. In fact, there is a chance that he won't even play at all this year, but Mike McCarthy is confident that he will be back some time shortly after the bye.  

    If he can come back, he can be a nice addition to this Green Bay pass-rush which seems to be finally getting going.  

2. Frank Zombo (OLB)

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    Getting Frank Zombo back from a broken shoulder blade was very beneficial to the pass-rush last week. Unfortunately, he hyper-extended his knee and is now going a miss a few weeks again. Thankfully, Green Bay's bye week comes in the middle of that, giving him some time off to heal up. 

    Having some pressure from the right side would free things up a lot for Clay Matthews, which will help make this defense feared once again.

1. Clay Matthews (OLB)

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    Despite having only two sacks on the season, Clay Matthews leads the entire NFL in quarterback hits and pressure. That just shows you how much room for improvement not only Matthews has, but also the entire defense.

    He is capable of those monster three-sack games and, against a shaky offensive line and rookie quarter back making his first career NFL start, this week could end up being on of those games.

    Getting Clay Matthews to rack up sacks will help this defense get back on track. Something the Packers do in fact need.