Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders: Their Hottest Pics Ever

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIOctober 22, 2011

Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders: Their Hottest Pics Ever

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    Chances are, you are not a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. No offense to the team or anything, but they are far from an organization with a rich history.

    But, even though the team has a small fanbase, there is a silver lining. Their biggest fans are the ones on the field; they are the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders.

    These lovely ladies go out there every Sunday and give it their all. Most of the time, their effort is better than the team on the field, making them even more valuable.

    Here are the hottest pictures in Jaguars cheerleader history.

    This might actually make you want to switch your allegiance to Jacksonville.

25. Jaguar in the Wild

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    In the Florida heat, this Jaguars cheerleader is still doing her job well and giving the fans what they came for—actual talent that is entertaining.

    If the team isn't going to do it, someone has to.

24. I'm Officially a Jaguars Fan

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    She has an incredible smile and looks about 10 times better than the product we are used to seeing.

    If this is not going to get you to buy season tickets, nothing will.

23. Hats off to Them

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    I know, this is a very bad pun and I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

    But when you stare at them for long enough, there really isn't much else to say. They are THAT good looking.

22. New Outfits, Same Smokin' Hot Girls

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    Even though they are not wearing official team colors, these girls are still representing the team in the best way possible.

    Actually, I think I prefer this to their normal attire. It separates them from the team they are rooting for on the field; I'm sure they are grateful for that.

21. Santa's Little Helpers

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    During the holiday season, it's nice to see that the Jaguars cheerleaders also like to bring in the Christmas spirit.

    That being said, I like their take on it much better than the guy in the Santa suit in the mall. Light blue is the new red. Look for it this winter.

20. There's No I in Jaguars

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    In football, you need everyone working together to make a harmonious group. If not, you are going to have problems.

    After looking at this picture, it looks like the team has gelled and is ready for prime time. They have the proper gear, all they need is a team to root for.

19. Jaguar in Hiding

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    Every great Jaguar must stalk its prey before pouncing and going in the for the kill.

    OK, maybe I was being a little dramatic right there, but you catch my drift. She is very hot and clearly is good at getting the attention of the crowd.

18. How Could You Think of Moving These Girls to Los Angeles?

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    There have been rumors that Jacksonville is one of the teams that could be relocated to Los Angeles if a team were to move out there.

    But, look at these girls. How can you ask them to move all the way across the country when they have a perfect group routine like this all the way in Florida? They look so happy!

17. Three's Never a Crowd

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    If there is one thing I know about cheerleaders, it's that you can never have enough. These three girls are showing why this statement continues to hold true.

    Whoever is picking these girls needs a raise immediately.

16. Dynamic Duo

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    The team has a pretty dynamic backfield of Maurice Jones-Drew and Greg Jones.

    Now, they have two lovely ladies who together can dominate the cheerleading world.

15. I Too Love Rock and Roll

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    See, I already have a lot in common with these ladies. I feel like after paying them homage, at the very least they can invite me to a game.

    It's also good to see that they have a little bit of rock and roll in their blood. They can respect the greats.

14. Nice Pompoms

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    It kind of looks like she isn't wearing a top with her pompoms covering her shirt.

    I assume that she is, but for our purposes, we can think what we want, it makes things more interesting. I bet this would be the first time that Roger Goodell didn't fine someone for indecent exposure. 

13. Give Me a J!

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    I doubt that they still do cheers like this, but it looks like they are having fun nonetheless. My only concern is the amount of people in the background.

    I understand that it is a Jaguars game, but nobody is there! Cheering in front of a half-full stadium takes a lot of determination.

12. Getting in the Holiday Spirit

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    Jaxson, the Jaguars mascot (I know, clever) is lucky enough to be seen with these lovely ladies. 

    It appears that they have mastered looking sexy year-round, and the holidays should be no different. 

11. A Pro Bowl Squad

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    Cheerleaders don't always get the respect they deserve. Some say that what they do is not even a sport. Well, in this instance it is good to see that they earned the Pro Bowl berth.

    They are on their way to being a Hall of Fame squad...as long as they can keep the dynasty together.

10. Smile for the Camera

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    This calender photo shoot did wonders for the Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans. 

    First, they got to show off these wonderful ladies, and the fans get to put them on their wall all year round. This gets such great attention for people who work very hard to make sure the fans get out of their seats.

9. That's the Spirit!

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    How many blonds does it take to get the team going and their opponents distracted?

    Correct answer? Four, or so it appears.

    The vibrant colors and short shorts are just too much to handle for some people.

8. Gooooo Jags!

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    The alternate uniforms are the Flintstones meet football. They might hardly cover anything, but I don't think anyone will be complaining any time soon.

    Now that I think about it, I hope that they run, jump and skip every chance that they get.

7. The Rockettes...in Florida

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    Those are some impressive leg kicks, no matter who is doing them.

    When they happen to be gorgeous cheerleaders in the hot Florida sun, I do think that I like it a bit more. This is one of the hottest pictures of any cheerleading squad anywhere, and that's saying it lightly. 

6. The Roar

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    Stretch, two, three, four!

    It's good to see that these girls stretch before going out there because we wouldn't to see any of them get injured and miss time.

    It's also nice to look at...just saying.

5. Everything's Hotter in Jacksonville

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    The 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders are a pretty good-looking bunch. Though the team is sputtering, at least we have something to look forward to week after week.

    This is what we call example No. 1.

4. Smile for the Camera

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    Either she is standing there not doing her job or she is posing for a picture.

    Assuming that she is doing the second of the two, that is one pretty smile. I would have to think she has a long career ahead of her in cheerleading.

    The Jaguars better lock her up.

3. I'd Put This Calender on My Wall

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    This is from the Jaguars' cheerleader calender, which you can get for one low payment of $15!

    Now that the sales pitch is over, let's all sit here and admire her beauty. She is still rocking the jaguar print even outside of the stadium which shows some real commitment.

2. North Florida's Finest

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    Damn she is hot. I honestly don't know how athletes do not get distracted more often from these ladies.

    They have to keep them far from the field in order to prevent problems.

1. Hear Me Roar!

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    This is one passionate dance move. I don't know what she is doing, but I assume that it is some sort of jaguar war cry. I don't even know if this exists, but I'm going to speculate.

    I hope everyone on the squad is as committed as her.