No B.S. to This Year's BCS

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IDecember 7, 2008

You won't hear any complaints from Sam Bradford about this year's BCS title game. Maybe because he'll be in it.

Regardless, it seems as though things this year may have worked out better than even the BCS board could have hoped for. 

With valid wins by two valid teams in Oklahoma and Florida, the BCS has no other possible choices for "their" BCS National Championship game coming up in January. However, it may be the other bowl games the committee may have to be focused on this year.

With teams such as Boston College, Ball State, Alabama, and Missouri all losing in their respective title games this past Saturday, it is now up to the committee to decide where those teams stand for bowl bids.

Ball State, the most shocking of the teams on this list, may end up with the worst bowl of any of those teams, after losing in the MAC Championship game to Buffalo. The bowl they'll end up playing in is in the hands of the BCS board.

Alabama, with its loss coming to Florida this weekend, will certainly end up with the best bowl of these teams, but what bowl will that be exactly?

And what about good ol' Pittsburgh, who came out of the Big East with a win over Connecticut this weekend. Do they end up with a bowl against a high profile team such as Missouri, or BC? Only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure: no BS from the far.