Video: Top 7 Coach Fights in NHL History (Last 25 Years)

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Video: Top 7 Coach Fights in NHL History (Last 25 Years)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

If you're an NHL fan who also follows the NFL, you've surely seen the infamous confrontation between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz that happened after the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

The two almost came to blows after the game ended and it got me thinking about what sport has had the most confrontations between coaches. After doing some research, the answer was obvious. It's hockey.

You have a physical sport where fighting between the players is allowed and the two coaches are standing atop a pair of benches that are literally right beside each other. Needless to say, there's not much in the way of the coaches yelling and threatening each other. In fact, there have been occasions where the two panes of glass between the benches aren't enough to keep the coaches from going at each other. Often, it's their players who have to separate them.

In this slideshow, I take a look at the best videos on the web of coaches going wild on each other and I thought I'd go with the top seven since we are entering Week 7 in the NFL, which is where this idea originally came from.



Note: The reason this list only goes back 25 years is because there simply isn't a lot of videos on the web of games older than that. Therefore, it's unfair to say that these are the seven best coach fights in the entire history of the NHL.

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