Sean Avery: The Next Maple Leafs Hero

AndrewCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

It's gone far enough. Sean Avery is also hated by his teammates now. Like many bad things in the NHL, everything can be used to an advantage, yes, even this. How you ask? Well, we can use Sean Avery to save our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs

Before I get a bunch of rude comments on my bulletin board, let me explain. One of the problems with the Leafs (and still is) are players that just won't leave. With Sean Avery, we won't even have to ask them to leave!

Players like Jason Blake will definitely have a problem with Sean Avery being on the roster and the only way to get away from him would be to be traded away. If we had thought of this sooner, we could've saved the Darcy Tucker buy out and traded him for a draft pick in return. We all saw the rivalry between Darcy and Sean, and all the management had to do was give Avery the No. 16, and Tucker would be dying to leave Toronto.

Not much dead weight left in Toronto anymore, but there are still some guys that probably aren't going anywhere any time soon. When it comes to Avery however, that could all change. Not only driving our dead weight out, he can also give Toronto the grit we so desperately desire.

What do we do when we're done using up Avery, and our "good" players are beginning to hate him? Well, by then there will be other teams with similar problems as the Leafs have, leading them to wanting Avery. He'll definitely be an easy trade for a draft pick of some sort to finish up our rebuilding.

In conclusion, for all of you that think Sean Avery can't be traded from place to place, just to use him up, look at Hossa, if it works for him, it can work for Avery.