5 Reasons Why Ted Dibiase Jr. Will Be a WWE Main Eventer

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5 Reasons Why Ted Dibiase Jr. Will Be a WWE Main Eventer

Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Ted DiBiase. These three men stormed through the WWE, starting in 2008 when Rhodes turned on Hardcore Holly to give DiBiase the World Tag Team Championships.

While Orton was the face and focal point of the group, the other two were young stars surely be more established in the future. One is currently on his way to either the WWE Title or World Heavyweight Championship. The other, unfortunately, is like a fading star, dimming until it finally can’t bring forth any remaining semblance of brightness.

Cody and Ted will most likely forever be linked together. WrestleMania 26 proved this when Orton pinned Rhodes in what would seem to bury the career of the soon to be Dashing/Undashing One.

Cody, however, has gone on to not only beat Randy Orton in recent weeks, but bring a sense of relevance back to the Intercontinental Championship.

DiBiase, on the other hand, once appeared to be the breakout star of Legacy. He starred in the sequel to "The Marine," a role which the company decided would go to a star that they either wanted to establish or give to a star that already was established. Ted being that guy showed that WWE still had interest in him.

Since that time Ted was rumored to turn face. Given that he was still with Legacy, it came as a shock that the key face turn of the group was not Ted or Cody, but the viper himself Randy Orton.

Randy’s first face turn was a dismal failure, losing the World Heavyweight Championship after just a little under a month in a match that, if he had won, would have cemented the turn.

While Ted's career is currently fading, Cody’s WWE career saw him start off as a very generic second generation wrestler. It is only now that we are seeing what potential he really has.

Both of these men have had long roads to get to where they are today. Ted could also be on a journey to prove that he is a future world champion. There are many questions as to Ted’s future. Listed are key reasons why Ted will not only be a star, but also a future world champion.

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